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Alternative Uses For Your Daily Moisturizer Creams

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One of the great things about moisturizer creams is that they are not just useful for skincare. If you find yourself out of a certain product that you need, many times you will be able to find a substitute within in your home. Moisturizer creams have several applications outside of their customary usages.

Moisturizer creams can be used as shoe polish. If you happen to run out of your regular shoe polish and don’t have time to run to a shop, just go over to your medicine cabinet and pull out the moisturizer. Take a cotton cloth and put a small dab of the cream onto the cloth. Rub the lotion onto the leather shoe with the cloth. This should leave you with just as good of a polish as if you had shoe polish and a buffing brush.

You can even use moisturizer on your clothes. Clearing the static electricity from your clothes is very easy. Just rub a tiny amount of moisturizer into your hands, then running your hands along your clothes.

This product can be used on your pets too. If you find that your pet’s coat is standing up due to static, you can cure this with a bit of moisturizer. Put some of the lotion in your hands and run your hands through your dog’s fur all along their body. This method will help keep their fur under control.

It could also be used as an alternative to shaving cream. This use is mainly for women. The moisturizer acts like a shaving cream, while also adding moisture to the legs after the shaving is done. What is nice about this is that you would not have to apply moisturizer cream after you shave; it will have already done its job.

Another use that is mostly for women is using the moisturizer in your hair. This will help de-frizz your hair and tame any pesky flyaway strands. To achieve this effect, put a small amount of the moisturizer in your hand and rub it through your hair. You will want to rub your hands through your hair as if you were putting styling gel in it.

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Written by Tim Greening

January 6th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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