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A Number Of Tips On Killing Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs are most commonly found in places where there are lots of beds and so places such as hotels or apartment complexes with spring to mind. They are usually found in smaller, more developing countries, but this does not mean to say that you are not going to find them in your own house as well. Feeding on blood and waste, they can survive within anyone’s bedding and mattress for many months and therefore you need to take steps to kill bed bugs if you ever discover an infestation.

Of course, it will be very important for you to find out whether or not you actually have bedbugs before you take any further action. Bedbugs are usually up to a quarter of an inch long, although they can be much smaller, and will range in color from being light brown to dark brown.

They can be found by looking at the seams of the mattresses or by checking to see if there are any small bloodstains on your sheets and bedding. They can also live for nearly a year and will go many weeks or even months without feeding. So what do you do if you find that you do have these little critters in your bed? How do you go about killing them?

Well, you should start off by pinpointing exactly where they are all coming from. Of course it will be very crucial for you to get rid of the ones in the beds but you will also need to stop the flow as well. They commonly like to hide in wood and so you should always be checking around the house for any wooden debris where they might be hiding.

Any areas that you might suspect they are living should be vacuumed fully to get rid of them. Also any pillowcases or stuffed animals that you have lying around should be put outside and any bugs within them will eventually become too hot and will perish.

Vacuuming everything will also be extremely important. Once you have located where they are coming from and have cut off the inflow then you can focus on the actual areas where they are living. Therefore you should be vacuuming all around your bed and should also put any sheets, curtains, and clothing into the wash to be cleaned thoroughly.

You should also place plastic covers on any bed that might have the bugs. There are lots of covers you could choose from and each will have fabric that the bugs are unable to penetrate. This will stop them from getting into the mattress and will also prevent any insight from getting back out. In addition, you should be getting some strong insecticide and spraying it into the cracks of the bed frame.

If for any reason these steps fail to work, it will then be time for you to call in your local exterminator to get the job done.

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Written by Aidyn Huffman

June 3rd, 2010 at 9:12 am

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