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Dreaming Of Chipped Tooth

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For thousands of years, teeth dreams and the meaning and interpretation of dreams involving teeth have played an important part of man being able to better understand his dreams. Of all the different kinds and types of dreams we experience Teeth Dreams are by far one of the most confusing, not because they are not easy to understand, but because there are 32 of them in every mouth. And if this were not enough, each of the teeth on each side of the mouth has different dream meanings. Keeping this in mind, it’s not altogether difficult to understand how the meaning of dreams are misinterpreted and misunderstood. The misinterpretation of a single tooth in a dream can change the entire meaning of the dream, if in fact, the focus on the dream is on teeth and a tooth or teeth is not just a part of the overall dream.

We’re ready now to delve into the mystery of the meanings of teeth in dreams. Because our teeth are such a built in part of our physical makeup defining our appearance and how others perceive us, teeth are also an essential part for our very survival. Therefore, it’s easy to understand how our teeth seen in our dreams are such an important dream object.

Categories Of Teeth Dreams With Brief Dream Meanings

No Teeth Or Teeth That Are Falling Out: Represents difficulty communicating with others. No teeth or teeth that are falling out also represents loneliness, despair, emptiness, sin, and demonic attack in your family, workplace, finances or in your health.

Broken Teeth – Chipped Tooth: Represents a broken contract, covenant or promise. Broken teeth also represent rebellion and to deceive or betray. Worn-Down Teeth: Represent a long-lasting emotional or physical problem. Worn-down teeth also represents a gradual separation between friends or a loved one.

Brush Brushing Teeth: Represents healing of bad habits, the need to use caution from speaking before thinking. Brushing your teeth in a dream also represents that the dreamer is trying to hide or cover up something he’s done or seen another do.

Toothache: Represents emotional or physical pain and suffering. Toothache also represents a warning of defiance and rebellion in the natural. This applies to Tooth Decay, as well.

Teeth Clean – Bleached: To have clean or stained teeth in the natural and to have your teeth cleaned and bleached in a dream represents revelation, insight and knowledge into a problem or situation that seemed to have no answer, but will soon be resolved.

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06/30/07 Dream: At the dentist’s office, having had my teeth cleaned and bleached. I then smile and my gums are healthy and pink.

Dream Interpretation by Kiku Yamada

To dream that a dentist is cleaning your teeth represent purification, revelation, release and freedom. Seeing myself smile in the dream represents friendliness, kindness, compassion, giving heart, good intentions and a desire to help someone I know. It also represent a promise.

Dream Example 09/2008 Dream:

The dream opens up with myself brushing my teeth. I look at the sparkling dark orange toothbrush which is floating in the air and it has three Spanish nuts set within the brush. I then see unopened letters written in a dark orange font type fanned out.

Dream Interpretation by Kiku Yamada

Brushing one’s teeth represents a cleansing going on and to be cautious of late before speaking. The orange color of the toothbrush represents fruitfulness, power, authority and strength through faith in God to overcome obstacles that may stand in one’s way. Orange also represents an emotional success and an amazing change coming. The nuts represent heavenly approval, abundance and favor in one’s relationship with God. The gathering of Spanish nuts also represents something that has not yet been revealed…letters=family. The number 3 of the nuts represents fullness and completion soon to come of a project, marriage; gathering the nuts represents insight, revelation and the manifestation of a reality yet to come.

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