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How Can You Make A Trendy Hairstyle In 5 Minutes?

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We all know that the mornings can be a bit of a rush but if you want a sleek hairstyle to compliment your appearance for the day then read on. You know what happens when you rush something that you dont really have the time for dont you ? Things tend to go wrong. There may be several factors at work here stopping you getting it done quickly and, no matter how hard you try everything seems to be against you.

In fact, often, the harder you try, the harder it seems to be. This is a fact of life I suppose. Its hard enough just to think creatively first thing in the morning isnt it ? However you need to think about your look for the day. A good hairstyle is an important part of your overall appearance and you want to look good, dont you?

Its even harder when you have just woken up and youve got to figure out a great hairstyle for the day. This is an important consideration for you want to look good. You dont want to be less productive or appear bad-tempered because something is bugging you ” the worry about whether your hair looks OK.

So you do need to spend some time on yourself. But what if you just dont have the time ? You have to feed the dog, the children, take out the rubbish and all that kind of everyday stuff before you can even begin to think about yourself.

So what common mistakes do we make ? First of all there is no point in attempting your normal hair wash and dry if you dont have time. You may end up not rinsing it properly, or going out with your hair still wet and catching a chill.

If you must wash your hair then its best to half dry it with the blower and then add a sprit of a frizz control product ( such as Schwarzkopf frizz control if your hair is curly) or some styling gel ( such as Schwarzkopf Mess Up ). Run it through your hair to get it evenly distributed. Your hair by now will look big and messy but thats OK because now you have the right body and the product control in place

A worthwhile tip is to invest in a proper commercial hairdryer as it will be more powerful and cut down the drying time considerably. A salon hair-dryer of 3200 watts will likely be able to reduce by half the drying time of your hair when compared with your normal domestic dryer of probably only about 1800 watts.

When about dry, pin up your hair as you want it, leaving perhaps some tousles around the face and neck. If you have straight hair or very fine hair try to pin it loosely but so that it doesnt come undone again. Ponytail by just parting to one side and bring it down closer to the forehead letting it fall naturally.

There is another idea that can help enormously when you are short of time. That is to get a haircut that you can add a styling product to and scrunch it into a well defined shape. Layered hair styles and short-cropped styles are the easiest for this and are low maintenance. Layers make your hair fall into shape naturally and all you need do is to add a styling product to make the overall effect vibrant. Short cropped hair can hang loose and look natural, or can be spiked, or be smoothed over flat and kept in place with a styling product.

One last tip though. You need to avoid over-working the hair or you will reduce volume. Most styles can be done quickly and effectively with a vented brush or even just your fingers. You do not need to spend a lot of time on this. Decide that your hair doesnt need to look the same every day and keep it interesting.

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