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Reasons Why Your Own Kitchen Might Be Making You Gain Weight

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An unsuspecting cause of your weight problems may not be only the food you eat, but also the area you keep it: your kitchen! From snacks on your kitchen counter to the overstocked pantry, your kitchen may help pack on the body fat. Here’s a couple ways to give your kitchen area a weight reducing makeover.

Large Pantry – A sizable kitchen pantry, needless to say, can contain a great deal of food items. Sadly, that leaves much space for a variety of poor treats such as potato chips, pastries and so forth. If you have a large bag of cookies looking at you each time you check out the pantry it can make it tough to avoid. Fight this simply by splitting big bundles of food in to smaller sized servings thus you are more prone to consume less food at a single sitting. Furthermore, only continue to keep one chosen treat on hand at any given time.

Chaotic Counters – Your kitchen counter tops might be a home for all kinds of clutter: postal mail, newspapers, coupons, and so on. This is very challenging to the waist line for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s simpler to just order out than it can be to un-clutter your counter tops to bake your own food. Second of all, clutter may result in anxiety which in turn raises cortisol amounts causing you to feel hungry. De-clutter your kitchen counters simply by shifting non eating activities outside the kitchen. For instance, look at newspapers in the den or keep your statements and all mail in an office.

Over-sized Dishes – Extra-large dishes may also be the reason for growing midsections. By simply changing your 12 inch plate to a 10 inch plate would lead to 22% less calories getting dished up. This does not imply you need to go out and purchase brand new tableware. As a rule, make 50 percent of your plate vegetables and then the other half contain a lean protein source as well as a carbohydrate.

Snack Foods In Sight – That cookie jar over on the counter is not at all helping your weight-loss goals. But, don’t entirely throw away every one of the snack foods, instead upgrade these for healthful, lower calorie choices like fruits and veggies or perhaps nuts. This should help you reach for a wholesome treat and also stop you from aimlessly looking through the pantry shelves (where the unhealthy snack foods ought to be located) for something to eat.

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Written by Shelly Winters

November 14th, 2010 at 10:52 am

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