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Easy and Simple Low Abs Routine

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There are massive misconceptions in the health and fitness industries about the concepts that help us flatten our stomach. The general perception is that cardio and abdominal exercises with a progressive rep-count will help us flatten our belly flab. Without truly understanding the principles behind the human body, we spend hours on upper and lower abs workout sessions, without any success.

The average gym-session, for the lower abs, would involve leg raises, bicycle crunches and more. Every one of those exercises would work extremely well on your lower abs, but the problem lies above and below the abs, in the form of layers of fat. You can spend years on those crunches, but if you do not attack those specific layers of t fat directly, then you can forget about having a toned stomach.

Getting a flat stomach or six-pack abs isn’t as complicated or difficult as some might make it seem. All you need to do is follow a simple diet and a full-body exercise routine that is based around the human body’s principles of burning body-fat. The diet keeps the energy coming in while the exercise routine keeps chipping away at that fat, bringing out that chiseled stomach.

The diet is quite basic and simple – all you need is simple organic food that is completely natural, full of nutrients and in sync with your body’s energy needs. Any and all forms of processed foods should be avoided and staying away from pre-packaged foods is truly the best way to stay healthy.

Through interval training, you vary the intensity at which the exercise is performed. This not only takes care of the cardio-aspect that instructors talk about, but also ensures that the cardio-workout is more focused on the fat around, say, the lower abs. When it comes to planning out the perfect lower abs workout, this combination burns fat and creates lean muscle along the way.

You can spend hours and days with the full-body regimen but it won’t make any difference unless you follow a well-planned out diet regimen as well. Your diet needs to ensure that everything you need in terms of energy and nutrition will be taken care of. The diet’s primary role is to support your body’s effort to get fitter and healthier. Going down the processed or packaged food way is a sure-fire way of undoing any of the good work that your body has done during the exercise sessions.

You don’t need any fancy supplements or energy bars to do what regular, fresh fruits and veggies can do for you. Rich and vibrant sources of energy, nutrition, proteins and even the right kinds of fat are the only things your body needs – all of which are available through fruits, vegetables and even some food grains and nuts. No need for that fancy diet that movie or rock stars follow. What you can get fresh down at the farmers’ market is all you need to keep your body rocking! Plain and Simple Low Abs Workout

Getting a flat, toned stomach isn’t about quantity, it is about quality. If you are following a high quality exercise routine and making sure that only natural and high-quality food sits on your plate, then you are just inches away from a ravishing six-pack.

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Written by Leif Oakman

January 3rd, 2012 at 12:23 pm

The Tricky Question In Workouts: How To Get a Flat Stomach?

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When you accumulate those few extra pounds around your stomach, and want to get rid of them, what do you do? You head down to the gym, sign up and hit those treadmills and crunches as hard as you can. Instructors tell you that those are the best ways of how to tone your stomach. However, months down the line, all that gets leaner is your bank account!

Throughout those million reps-per session of stomach crunches and leg-raises, all you do is tighten up those muscles without touching upon the fat. The only way to get rid of that fat is to focus your efforts onto it. However, these abs-specific exercises do not touch either the subcutaneous layer of fat, above your muscles, or the visceral layer, below the muscles.

Without focusing on a fat-burning routine that looks out for the entire body, that abdominal bulge will stay exactly where it is.

One of the first things to understand, when you are learning how to tone your stomach, is the way your body burns fat. Abdominal exercises are all good when it comes to building muscle strength, but when it comes to burning the fat that surrounds it from above and below, they are utter failures. What if there was a simpler way to ensure that your abdominal bulge was directly attacked, one that you could easily follow?

Abs-focused exercises are not a bad thing – in fact, they can be included twice a week, for about five minutes, into your routine. However, that is all that you need out of them. Anything more would be a mere waste of time and effort, with little to show in terms of results. Instead, if you spend time in a full-body workout that is scientifically designed to burn belly fat, you would benefit more, and quicker.

While you can still do abs-specific exercises, you don’t need them for more than five minutes, twice a week. Anything more is simply a waste of time. What’s more, instead of increasing that rep-count, you can simply add more resistance and maintain those same rep-numbers as your muscles grow stronger.

Stay away from anything that comes in a bag or packet! Most processed foods come with plenty of unnatural ingredients that do incredible harm to your body and digestive system. There are fewer ingredients which house the energy-rich nutrients you need and, therefore, for the same amount of food, you receive a lot fewer benefits.

You can find natural, nutrient-rich food items, like fruits and vegetables, in the very supermarkets and stores where you buy these processed food items from. To top all that, the amount of energy reserves, created by these natural foods, are ideal for the kind of exercise regime you need.

If you do want to live better and have a flat stomach to flaunt, then you need to know how to tone your stomach in the right way. Simply follow our natural diet plan and full-body exercise routine and you will love the way your body thanks you!

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Written by Leif Oakman

January 2nd, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Impressive Abs Routines for Expectant Women

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For expectant women, remaining in topmost figure may be an area of concern. They are especially peculiar as to whether or not doing abdominal exercises is safe and sound for them. In Reality, abs routines are healthy for expectant women until the third trimester of pregnancy. Later, it may already be difficult for them to do abs exercises due to the largeness of their tummies.

Not only are abdominal programs dependable for pregnant women; those are even urged for them due to the numerous wellness benefits that they make. One of the health benefits of abdominal exercises for preggies is their strengthening outcomes on the abdominal and pelvic muscles of the woman. These abdominal muscle and pelvic walls need to be strengthened because a lot of pressure will be wielded upon them during the process of labor and delivery. Other benefit is experienced during the point of recovery, since women who worked out during pregnancy ambulate earlier than those who did not, thus helping in greater and speedier recuperation.

There are various abs routines that can be safely done by pregnant women, like the pelvic tilt and abdominal curl. In the pelvic tilt, the woman is worked to stand with her back against the wall, with her soles, upper back, shoulders, and head meeting the wall. The woman should breathe in first, then when she exhales, her abdomen should be pulled back and her lower back should contact the wall, hence tightening up the abs.

On the other hand, abdominal curl ups are simply like the regular crunches, except that the expectant woman should not strain herself overmuch while doing this work. Likewise, this abdominal workout should not be employed beyond the fourth month of pregnancy, as this requires the woman to lie on her back for quite some time.

Prolonged supine position can put substantial force on the inferior vena cava, thus stopping blood supply to the lower sections of the body.

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Written by Jeremy Tan

December 26th, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Now You Can Lose All Of Your Fat Belly and Get Those Abs

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I was never a very fat guy. I actually was “OK” I could say. In a scale from 1 to 10, I would consider myself a 7(1 being skinny and 10 being obese). The thing is that I was not happy with myself, and, let’s get serious, if you are not happy with yourself there is something wrong. I wanted to get fit. I wanted to lose that belly fat that bothered me so much, so I started doing research on how to get six pack abs. Obviously, the subject of weight loss and fat burning always came up in one way or another, but I just ignored it, I was looking only for exercise.

I was very motivated on getting those abs that I could proudly show at the beach, or where ever I wanted for that matter. I wanted to feel good when I had to take off my shirt and all that other stuff that you who are reading probably feel too (you wouldn’t be here otherwise). As you may think, just like I did, the answer was on working out as hard as I could, as long as I could and working on specific areas of my body for better results. I was wrong! I was not only wrong about that, but I was also wrong about “getting rid of carbs will do it”!

Fact is, we need carbs and we need fat, not in the amounts we eat them, but we need them. They’re essential! You see, we need to eat an “x” amount of carbs & fat for a lot of reasons. Don’t get me wrong on this, your body needs a CERTAIN type of fat, and you guessed it right this time, it’s not the one you are giving it. This is very broad subject, which I won’t get into details here. I will only tell you that you need a supportive eating if you want to lose weight and that you need to do a different type of workout routines from the ones you are doing.

I bet you are doing the same old fashioned ab workout routine and maybe running one or one and a half hours three times a week and eating less but the same junk. Well, let me tell you that you are doing it all wrong. The first thing is, that everybody is different and everybody needs a different type of training. Let’s take my example here: I am 6 feet tall and had 235 pounds, for me to burn let’s say 635 calories playing half-court basketball, I had to play for 60 minutes, but if I had 205 pounds instead I would burn 540 calories in the same time. Now what does this mean? Even if I was losing weight playing my 60 minutes of half-court basketball, there was going to be a time that I would stop losing weight because I needed to spend more time doing this same type of exercise. I actually had two options here, spend more time doing the same thing OR CHANGE MY EXERCISE FOR A MORE EFFECTIVE ONE!

Now, that is what you should do. You should create a routine that varies every week or two (being more effective every week, harder exercises), doing resistance training Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday doing interval training. What on earth is resistance and interval training? That’s your homework for today!

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Written by Garth Vonstein

June 24th, 2011 at 8:48 am

This is What is Needed To Lose Your Lower Ab Weight

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A large proportion of people want to know how to lose lower abdominal fat.

The most common belief on this subject is that if you do tons of lower ab exercises and pray that it works. Want to know the truth? Doing tons of lower abdominal exercises will do almost nothing when it comes to losing lower abdominal fat.

If you want to know the truth about how to lose lower abdominal fat, you need to understand one key concept. This concept is called spot reduction.

Spot reduction is the misconception that to lose fat in a specific area, you do this by overworking the muscles that lie beneath it. As an example, if you are looking to lose fat in your lower abdominals, you should do a lot of lower ab exercises to get that result.

Spot reduction is fundamentally impossible. Fat that you gain does not limit itself to one specific area. Fat is actually gained proportionally all over your body. If you are looking to lose fat, it will happen in the same manner.

The same way that you can’t gain fat in one specific area of your body, you can’t lose it in one specific area either.

Read that line one more time. It’s an extremely important concept that you need to understand if you really want to know how to lose lower abdominal fat.

The real key is to lose fat all over your body.

This can be achieved through proper nutrition choices, resistance training and a specific type of cardiovascular training known as interval training.

When you put together the proper combination of these factors and you can lose fat easily. If you stick with it, you can keep the fat off permanently.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to not focus on just losing fat in one place, like your lower abdominals. This means that you don’t try to just do tons of lower abdominal exercises. You also can’t just change your diet or try and just do resistance or interval training.

You need to take a whole program approach, combining all three of these concepts if you really want to know how to lose lower abdominal fat.

Once you have gotten your body fat to a much lower level you will be able to begin to do lots of exercises that target your lower abdominal muscles in order to develop definition. However, you are going to end up with a low percentage of total body fat bys using the above combination.

In conclusion, do not undertake the traditional methods for losing lower abdominal fat. You need to put your body into a state where it can be burning whole fat. If you manage to put together the right combination of proper food choices, resistance and interval training and you will begin to lose total body fat.

Keep in mind that if you are persistent and you work hard you will be successful. And now you know how to lose lower abdominal fat.

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Written by Cecil Arrezola

June 20th, 2011 at 8:52 am

Learn How To Get Flat Abs Fast

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You can get rid of belly fat and tighten your abs with the right mix of exercises. But traditional crunches are not enough. Flattening your abs requires working the area from all angles of the muscle. Performing exercises to develop the muscles in your abs and core will give your stomach a toned and tight appearance.

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises target the lower abs. Hold the pull-up bar with your hands spaced shoulder-width apart. Hang from the bar with your legs straight. Lift your feet to hip height while keeping your legs fully extended. Slowly lower your legs to the starting position. Repeat for four sets of 25 repetitions.

Roman Chair Knee Raises

Knee raises in a Roman chair exercise machine stimulates the abs and external obliques. Step into the Roman chair with your back against the pad. Grip the handles with your palms facing each other. Let your legs hang straight. Angle your legs out at 45 degrees. Lift your knees into your chest. Lower your legs straight down to 45 degrees. Repeat the motion for four sets of 25 repetitions.

Decline Sit-Ups

Decline sit-ups work the abs, obliques and lower back. Sit on a decline bench. Hold a weighted plate or dumbbell with both hands across your chest. Release your upper body back to a 45-degree angle. Sit up and return to the starting position. Repeat for four sets of 25 repetitions.

Medicine Ball Planks

Medicine ball planks recruit the core muscles. Start in a push-up position. Place a medicine ball under your feet. Lower your body onto your elbows. Hold this position for 60 seconds. Repeat for four sets of 60-second holds.

Using these exercises on a daily basis in combination with a quality abs diet, you will get six pack abs. However, it may take a little while, so keep at it until you have success.

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Written by Jefferson Foradori

June 13th, 2011 at 7:42 am

Want To Know How Does Ab Circle Pro Really Work? Then Read On To Discover More About It.

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The hype around Ab Circle Pro has lead many people to inquire about: Does Ab Circle Pro really work?  In its solid promotions and advertisements on television as well as other media, the manufacturer of this fitness product claims users belly flattening and rapid fat loss.  With its mobility and easy operation, it seemed just like an exciting fitness item to workout with.  But the issue however remains: Does Ab Circle Pro really work?

The Ab Circle Pro is a machine that rotates the body from one to the other to accomplish cardio stimulation and muscular tension the stomach muscles.  This spherical movement provides the abs moving and burning.  This circular motion tones and designs the muscles in the abdominal region.  The gyro movement that this Ab Circle Pro can make is similar to weight training to develop muscle definition and muscle mass.  You can choose from the three options available.  The machine’s setting can even be adjusted to make it work your thighs and buns.  The Ab Circle Pro machine combines cardio with strong aerobic exercise.  
You’ll be able to burn a lot of calories when using the Ab Circle Pro machine while toning muscle tissue.  By carrying out 20-minute workouts daily using the machine, you will see significant results in a matter of weeks.  By combining healthy diet with daily workouts using the Ab Circle Pro machine, you’ll be able to attain spectacular results.  Moreover, the manufacturer lets you try the Ab Circle Pro machine for a month and you can ship it back if you’re unsatisfied by using it.

Just like any other fitness product, there are also some issues concerning the Ab Circle Pro machine.  Some complain the fact that knee pads are not of fine quality and are unpleasant to work with.   Some also report they can’t get powerful workouts using the machine while you will find people who say that while using machine puts more strain on the arms rather than the abs.

On the other hand, losing belly fat is not only about doing workout routines only.  Diet also plays a huge role in getting fantastic abs.  Even if you carry out workouts and also you still keep on by having an poor lifestyle and diet, the work of losing belly fat would indeed be a extremely tough one.  This is why there’s a need to mix sustained workouts and healthy diet and lifestyle in order to say goodbye to tummy fat for good.

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May 29th, 2011 at 9:13 am

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How to Tone Your Stomach Fast

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Are you facing the common problem of trying to trim down that tummy of yours? Struggling to answer the question of “how to tone your stomach fast” like most of our clients? Well with the right knowledge and putting that into practice I can tell you that this doesn’t have to be a crisis for you anymore.

So what is the right knowledge?

The key is to develop good habits. You first need to change your old unwanted and bad habits to more motivating and positively stimulating habits. Everybody has bad or unwanted habits but it is recognising these habits and changing it that will help you achieve your goals.

What Goals Am I Referring Too?

Basically, these are your exercise schedules, dietary habits, motivating factors and inconsistency and laziness due to lack of discipline.

It becomes a whole easier experience, the process of “How to tone your stomach” if you take into consideration the above factors. Let’s begin with dietary habits.

Educating yourself on the implications of eating bad foods is essential if you want to start developing good dietary habits. From personal experience my previous diet consisted of junk and “bad” food, and I didn’t know much about these drastic damages it was doing to my body until I began reading up on these health dangers.

I can tell you for certain that now I have a complete understanding of good versus bad foods my diet has naturally improved. Getting your diet right is the first step you need to take when it comes to improved health and fitness. The saying is “abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym”, follow this statement and you won’t go wrong.

Exercise routines are the second factor of “how to tone your stomach”. I encourage you all not to download a FREE exercise routine off the net like most people do. The reason for this being, that the programs are hardly ever complete and they aren’t tailored to suit your specific needs.

It is probably best if you get a custom made exercise routine schedule from your personal gym assistant in order to achieve whatever your goals may be. I would also suggest that you do additional reading and research if you don’t have a gym assistants help. When you eventually finalize your work out schedule, you will further advance because you have that extra push factor for discipline.

Above all those other factors, when it involves how to tone your stomach, ensure you have a clear vision and the proper mindset. This is because you need to continuously keep on track and be able to track your progress. Hence, this is my last word of advice. Make sure you deal with the factors that I have given before joining and investing into any gym. Because you’re hard work of losing that stomach fat will be momentary if you don’t undertake these issues first.

Hope all goes well with your endeavours.

For further information on how to tone your stomach please visit our resourceful site today. Pick up also your FREE gift and search on our internet site for additional information on how to tone your stomach.

Written by Aulden Warbrooke

May 21st, 2011 at 9:32 am

Discover the Best Exercise Ball ab Workouts

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Do you know the amazing benefits brought about by the exercise ball ab workouts? Continuously searching for these exercise ball ab workouts which blend together with your current training routine, but don’t know where to start? For that reason, with much experience and research, I will inform you on the numerous features of these workouts and how it can be of advantage to your exercise routine.

Let’s get started.

If you don’t know what exercise ball ab workouts are, they are basically workout activities which are carried out with the use of a medicine ball or a Swiss ball. A medicine ball is a weighted ball with a diameter of 14 or so inches and a Swiss ball being a larger inflated ball. Both used to train core strength, abs, flexibility and balance.

The medicine ball exercises seems like it’s a new type of exercise, however a brief look at history reveal the opposite. In actual fact, some 3000 years ago Persian and Greek wrestlers actually used these ‘sand bag’ bladder workouts to grow strength and core. To create top form among athletes of all types, they have thus modernised these ‘sand bags’ into medicine balls for the best performance.

What Type of Exercise Ball Ab Workouts Can I Do?

I will now give you a plain rundown of the exceptional exercises that you could include when using a medicine ball, since we are focusing on the exercise ball ab workouts.

Since this article is only meant to give you a brief rundown of exercises I will not elaborate on these exercises. If you so choose you could visit my website or else you could drop these terms into Google and find a plethora of techniques and tips.

Best Medicine Ball Exercises

Russian Twist (V-sit with a twist) Crunches with a Toe Touch Medicine Ball Crunches on a Stability Ball Leg Lifts with a Medicine Ball Reverse Ab Crunch with a Medicine Ball Medicine Ball Oblique Exercise: Knees to the Side

Best Swiss Ball Exercises

Squat with a Ball Overhead Squat with Ball Plank Pike-Up Ball Pass Weight Press Standing Side-Splits with a Ball Frog Jump

Remember that these workouts above target the midsection of your body mostly. Although there are a variety of exercises available, note that these picks are just my personal choices but anyone could incorporate these with their own custom routines.

For more information on the best exercise ball ab workouts please visit our resourceful site today. Additionally you can also pick up your FREE gift while browsing for more information on exercise ball ab workouts on our web page today.

Written by Aulden Warbrooke

May 21st, 2011 at 8:56 am

Best Possibilities For Losing Weight

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The weight eight minute abs industry is one of the biggest industries in the US. This is especially true since the US is the heaviest country in the world. Weight loss products alone are a billion dollar industry internet and offline alike. Even so, since you can find plenty of plans offered, and a millions ways which you can drop the weight, discovering the top way possible to get down to your ideal body weight has become hard. This may be a hard decision, choosing which body mass loss plan is the right one for your needs.

One of the more recommended way to lose weight is to go into a doctor or a nutritionist and get on the right track from the get go. All you would have to do is follow the plan to a T and then you will be on your way to reaching your desired goals.. But if you go the other route, like buying a DVD from some advertisement, you will have to do the things in that system, which may not be the right thing for you at the time.

Everything is tailored to your specific needs when you go to a personal nutritionist or doctor. All the consumers their will be certified to help you reach your goals, whatever those are. This is all in your best interest. You’ll need something specific for your needs, and the unsurpassed way to do that is to come across someone that is certified in that area.

They doesn’t only provide you with meal plans and exercise plans, however they will come up with very good details on all you must know. The objectives for them is to see you success in your life and your desired goals. I think you can find it very relaxing and easier to get to your goal fat and size. Many clients have seen better results from this method, rather than buying a program from TV or on-line.

There is no need to go under the knife when trying to shed weight. The clients that actually require surgery to drop a few pounds are the extremely obese clients. There are very few customers in this world that would require that. The only reason you would have to go under the knife would be if you life depended on the surgery. Then it’s a must. But in most cases, it is not needed – diet and exercise will do the trick.

If you’re serious about losing some weight then you’ve got to do some form of HIIT for cardio. Top than off with one of the many effective diets for quick weight loss on the market and you’ve got a winning formula.

Written by Aaron Sparks

May 18th, 2011 at 9:03 am