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What Do People Love About Vintage Animal Illustrations

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Anything vintage is almost synonymous with the words cool, classic, refreshing and retro. But with vintage animal illustrations it could sometimes be plain hilarious, yet interesting in its own special way. Either that, or people from few years back is as silly and fun compared today. Either way, these pictures are certainly the world’s silent treasures.

As the urban dictionary defines it, vintage is anything that would be ” too old to be considered as modern, but not too old to be considered antique”. It’s quite amazing though that even without knowing its meaning every single person could always identify something to be vintage and would always seem to unconsciously like it, to reasons one cannot even explain.

The urban dictionary defines vintage as anything that is “too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique”. A vhs tape for example is considered as such nowadays, but will soon become an antique after how many years. But then again, not all vintage items you would find nowadays is indeed a real classic, some of them are just made as such.

Its either people before have a wicked sense of humor or just plainly hilarious, if you would be scanning through classic photographs with animals in it then it is safe to say, to brace yourself. These photographs will not only be about the animals, sometimes you could even say it was never really about them instead, it’s about the art and a great deal of peculiarity.

One’s fascination with classic items can never be really explained with words, maybe anything made before were done with more care, time and passion compared today, or one is stuck over the idea of not being able to live on such beautiful era hence their intense fascination with it. But whatever reason that might be, there sure is nothing wrong appreciating classic art.

One classic photographic art that remains to be very popular nowadays are animal photographs. This is not your common shot on your pets though, it’s not even about the animals as the experts describe it, but a mixture of art, animals and hilarity. Mind you these photos will never fail to make your mind confused as to how does it want to be interpreted.

Fashion is starting to be more retro as well from the cuts, to the style and length. Dresses, pants, shorts, blouses and even t shirts nowadays have that unmistakeably vintage aura in them. Foot wears and bags have completely changed their theme, making most if not all people today look very elegant, decent but a hint of quirkiness in the end.

Photography, a once sleeping form of art is at its peak right now and its gadgets are inspired by the digital technology few years back. Some graphic artists have been downloading every application available, on their computers that would help them edit and make those photographs look old.

Vintage animal illustrations are a rare glimpse on how and what retro is all about. It represents life in its most creative, expressive way possible. But of course with a little twist on it.

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Written by Tonia Michael

January 16th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

Factors To Include In A Veterinary Employee Procedures Manual

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An animal clinic needs a veterinary employee procedures manual to operate properly. The manual is a booklet or folder that contains standards to be followed on the different aspects of the operation. This is also essential to make certain that the basic responsibilities of each staff is carried out properly.

In an organization, there are guidelines that requires to be followed to upheld the aim of the facility to provide good service to customers. It is also in the operations manual that the updates in new methods and clinical routines are included. These guides are there to ascertain that the well being of the patients and the employees are protected.

Maintaining good service for their customers can result to great rewards for the clinic. Most pet owners rely on how they are treated inside a particular facility for their judgment whether to continue their regular visits or transfer to another facility with better service. A satisfied client can also make recommendations to other members of their family or friends. Thus, it is only to the advantage of the clinic that more patients visit them. To make sure that good service is maintained, a procedure document should be in place always.

A clean office is the first step in satisfying patrons. Cleanliness and orderliness is the first that is observed when a person enters a room. This can also affect their opinion regarding the service provided by the facility.

The waiting and examination areas are the rooms that need most of the attention of the cleaning crew. In most animal institutions, it is also the work of the staff. A clean and sanitized area also prevents the spread of hazardous and communicable infections and viruses. Counters, floors, surgical tools, and examination equipment should also be cleansed and sterilized before and after usage.

To make sure the workers are trained properly on good service, a portion of the manual should be dedicated to proper customer interaction guidelines. Most workers in animal health institutions have close contact not only with the patient but also with the owner. Thus, it is helpful if most if not all the staff is articulate and polite in helping explain the different treatment procedures to clients.

Other workers of the animal facility is also tasked to take care of the proper scheduling of examinations, surgeries, and consultations. There are also personnel assigned to collect service and examination fees. Animal nurses are also tasked to assist vets in surgeries, examinations, and treatment of animals under their care. Thus, it is important that processes are in place for these functions.

Aside from caring for the animal patients, veterinary clinics also require administrative managers. These employees are accountable for the smooth work of the facility. It is also the work of the administrative employee to accomplish payrolls and tax books, inventory and purchase of supplies, and overall management of the clinic staff.

All employees of the facility should also be aware of the marketing plan the management is carrying out to increase the sales. This information should be included in the procedures since it is the concern of every worker to make sure that all the standards are met. The guidelines for promotions such as discounts and giveaways should be in place in the veterinary employee procedures manual.

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December 9th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

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Guidance With Dog Teaching Is Here

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When you are trying new things, there’s a high possibility you could need some aid. Dog obedience training has not got a right or wrong way to do it. The tract below can offer you some useful information and pointers concerning how to be successful at coaching your dog. Don’t give up if it does not work the 1st time. Success is always based primarily on falling down and getting back up again.

If your doggie is an awful dog, you need to address her confidence issues sooner instead of later on. The reality is that fearful dogs can be reactive, which spells difficulty when you and your dog are outside. Make positive associations with stimuli which make her nervous, and deaden her to the spontaneous nature of the world round her. She’s going to be thankful you did!

A dog with separation anxiety should have ties to other people. If you are the primary target of your dog’s love, you should limit your emotion and encourage others in your home to handle and work with the dog. The dog must develop relationships to others in order to diffuse his unhealthy fixation with you.

Spend lots of time with your dog to make obedience coaching simpler. When your dog associates your voice and presence with their standard environment, coaching gets simpler because your pet is more inclined to be aware of you. Passing time playing or in other unstructured activities makes time spent in coaching exercises better.

If you would like your dog to bond with a favourite toy,eg a lovey or gnawing object, make the toy a treat. Filling the toy with a fabulous smell or treat,eg peanut butter, can make it terribly attracting for your pup. If the toy is a kong style, fill it with his tripe for meals.

Take a class on coaching or study books and websites pertaining to the topic before starting to train your dog. It appears easy to coach a dog but lots of things that seem sensible to us won’t seem clever to a dog. Learning the correct way to coach and studying the simple way to run a good training programme will be of benefit for you both during this process.

Set limits! To train a dog, constantly set bounds and give your dog a structured lifestyle. Schedules are important to your dog as well as consistency. Never waver from the limits you set for your pet and stick to routine as much as feasible, as this is the kind of structure a dog would search for from the pack.

When you’re coaching your dog, focus on what your dog does right in the training sessions, not what they do wrong. This may make training more delightful for you and your dog. Pleasurable sessions will ensure that your dog recalls what you taught and is prepared to come back for more at the subsequent session.

Learning to take information, is just as critical as what you’re aiming to realize. The tips from this tract could be a fine addition to what you may already know on how you can improve on dog training. Teaching yourself further on canine training can prove to be a sure way to an obedient pooch.

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Your Dog is Afraid of Thunder? 3 Tips What You Can Do

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Few things are worse than being scared. That does not only apply to humans, it is the same for dogs. Dogs may fear certain things due to past experiences or for other reasons. If they are scared of something, they will need you to help them work through it.

Having you there when they are scared will be a great comfort to them. Unfortunately, many dogs are scared of a relatively common event: thunderstorms. Some dogs almost freak out when the storm hits and the thunder shakes up the sky.

If your dog, too, almost dies of fear whenever thunder rumbles, then you might fight the following advice quite helpful.

To start off with, let’s keep it really simple: give your dog a treat. Yes, your dog is going to be scared, but if you are there for him, he will feel safe. And if you give him treats on top of that, he will also be happy. And that’s exactly what you are going to want.

Dogs are very smart animal, and your dog will come to understand that he gets to have treats during thunderstorms. So, chances are he will begin associating thunder with something positive: treats and your attention.

Another aspect is to simply make your dog feel as comfortable as possible. You are his owner, and if he is visibly shaken, he will look to you for guidance. So stay calm and sit with him.

Spending time with your dog during the storm will be a great help. It will be reassuring to have someone around him – being alone right now might only intensify the fear.

And here is another idea: on a normal day, you can play sounds that are similar to thunder. Just play a tape or something like that.

Then, again, comfort him. If you play those tapes many times, and always take good care of your dog during those times, he will come to realize that thunder is nothing to be scared of.

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December 5th, 2011 at 12:23 pm

On the Search for a Reliable Animal Clinic?

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Whether for a regular check-up or for a specific treatment, bringing your pet to the clinic and feeling assured that your pet is in good care is no easy task. You are not alone if you’re feeling a little lost and in need of some assistance in making the right decision. You might be surprised with the need for a new animal clinic or maybe you’re doing precautionary thinking. Either way, the time you take now to sort out what aspects of an animal clinic you should focus on will benefit your end choice.

Compassionate service

Your pet is likely considered a part of your family and everyone desires a personable, pleasant medical experience for members of their family. Your pet has a personality, and lots of emotion and it’s understandable if you want an animal clinic that understands that. It’s possible for an animal’s mood to change from one day to the next just like yours, especially if they’re sick, so seeking out a clinic with flexible and patient staff is an important part of finding the right spot. That’s why aiming for compassionate care, as well as expertise is highly valued in this business.

Also remember that you want to find an animal clinic that will look after your comfort, as well as your pet’s. If a problem arises with your pet, you will likely want to receive immediate attention. Request information from the clinic you’re thinking about dealing with about whether they’re willing to keep you informed about your pet’s options. You have the right to demand these things so that you can feel satisfied and feel more at ease the next time you have to make a visit to the clinic.

Veterinary expertise

Another important piece of finding a great clinic is ensuring that they offer a variety of medical services. Having one place that meets a large variety of your pet’s needs is great because you don’t need to go looking around again for another clinic. Plus the staff at the clinic get to know your pet, their personality and their needs. The Here are some services animal clinics often offer under one roof: regular health assessments, dental check-ups, operations, immunizations, pain management and other educational services for pet owners.

Although there are so many important factors to consider, medical expertise is not something to compromise. You might be wondering how you’ll find all this information out about a clinic. Refrain from letting yourself be intimidated by all of these important factors worthy of considering, because it’s really quite easy to do. Look online and check out what all the clinics have to say about themselves. Many pet owners phone ahead of time and ask their questions that way, but you even have the option of dropping in and seeing the clinic in full motion yourself!

The author would like to share more information about Vets and more.

Written by Jim Timothys

December 1st, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Is My Puppy Suffering from Ringworm?

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Have you ever heard of ringworm in dogs? It is a contagious disease that gets transmitted to both dogs and humans. If your puppy constantly licks himself and loses hair in a circular pattern, chances are he suffers from the condition. Despite its name, ringworm is not a worm but a fungus.

How does the condition get transmitted? Through direct contact between one infected pet and another. Often it is puppies that catch the disease; however older dogs are not immune to it either. In fact, they too can be infected.

The fungus spores can live in carpets and bedding for a long time, making it easy to keep passing the infection back and forth.

If a dog gets the disease, he will not show symptoms immediately. You will only start seeing lesions on your dog ten to twelve days later. When this happens most dog owners don’t really know what is going on with their poor dog.

The lesions may or may not be raised, and have scaly centers. The only sure way to diagnose ringworm is by having your vet test your puppy.

Your vet will likely run a series of tests in order to get a clear picture. He might start with the so called woods lamp test. What this does is shine a special light on the dog’s coat, which will illuminate fungal spores.

Another test may be a scraping off one of the lesions. It is a painless procedure in which the vet will scrape some of the skin cells from the area where the lesion is and have it evaluated by a laboratory to determine what the culture is growing.

And here is a third option: taking a hair sample and looking at it under a microscope. Sometime it is possible to identify fungal spores this way, too.

Summing up, ringworm is a nasty condition and you will want to know when you are dealing with it. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to diagnose by your vet. So have him check your dog out, so that you can then have the treatment started.

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November 27th, 2011 at 12:59 pm

The 3 Symptoms of Dog Skin Allergies

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Dog skin allergies are more common than pet owners may think. A human being usually reacts to allergies with constant sneezing or some itchiness.

With dogs, usually their skin is affected when they are suffering from an allergy. Thus, for you, as the dog owner, it is essential to be aware of dog skin allergy symptoms. The more you know about them, the better.

This will help you get the right medicine or natural remedy that will address the issue. If this health issue is left unattended it can bring greater health issues in the future.

Your pet may experience great discomfort which can be a threat to their life. Common symptoms of dog skin allergies are loss of hair, poor coat, and hot spots.

Losing hair: the first thing to watch out for is hair loss, which is likely to result from an allergic reaction. You dog might, for example, have been bitten by fleas – which he may be allergic to. In that case, he is likely to scratch himself a lot.

If he scratches himself vigorously enough, he will naturally lose a lot of hair. Moreover, hair loss is also likely to result from an allergic reaction to a certain kind of food you are feeding him.

Poor coat: in the event that your dog is allergic to a certain food, you will start noticing this in their coat. A healthy dog usually has a nice, shiny coat and if they are experiencing an allergen their coat will turn dull.

And last but not least: hot spots. When your dog experiences skin allergies, you can be sure that hot spots are there. These are red and round patches in your dog’s skin that are extremely itchy. You may also notice that the hair have fallen off in this area or is slowly deteriorating.

Knowing these indications will help you get to the root of the problem. You will be able to address the issue immediately before it starts getting worse.

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November 26th, 2011 at 1:08 pm

My Puppy Has Diarrhea – Help!

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Before we get started here, I would like to point out that home remedies are only a viable option for mild cases of diarrhea. If you puppy suffer from more than a mild case, please see a vet.

Observe your puppy closely – and be watching out for any of the following additional symptoms: a sudden loss in appetite, a significant decrease in energy, and a high rise in temperature. If you detect any of those symptoms, a visit to the vet is critical.

I really want you to understand this point, because diarrhea can be a serious issue in puppies, which might require medical care. One more thing: also watch out for blood in urine.

With that being said, if your pup only seems to suffer from diarrhea, you can try the following method: simply don’t feed him for one or two days. That is – do not give him food, but provide as much water as he wants.

If you don’t want to go down the starvation road, particularly if you want to continue a feeding pattern, then you can plump for classical natural remedies for diarrhea in puppies.

So here we go… what are your options? There are two natural ones that many experts go by: first, tinned pumpkin can be surprisingly helpful. Second, you might find it a good idea to feed natural low fat yogurt. This is known to stimulate the bowl movement of puppies.

If you feed this, and also have your dog exercise a little bit that day, his digestive system might be right on track the following morning. Another natural option that many dog lovers go by is cayenne pepper. Adding some to your pup’s food might be an option, too.

Sometimes it is a matter of what the dog will accept during the illness. These remedies should be given along with meals such as boiled rice, scrambled egg, freshly cooked chicken, etc.

Continuation of the diarrhea for longer than 24 hours with no improvement would necessitate, for a puppy, a visit to the vet for expert attention. Any chronic problems such as this should be addressed by the experts.

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November 26th, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Puppy Breathing Problem: 101

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Creating a suitable living environment is a great way to take care of your new puppy. You have to make sure that they have enough food, water, attention.

But that is not all they need: medical care is also a critical point in their lives. Hence, monitoring their health status is very important. One aspect in that regard is being aware of possible breathing problems.

We all know that our little pup can be very curious when they first arrive at the house. This leads to chewing things or ingesting items that they should not. This is the main cause for puppy breathing problems.

They usually have some obstructions in their airway which can lead to serious injuries if not attended to immediately. Here are signs and symptoms of puppy breathing problems:

If your puppy is breathing rapidly for more than 60 breaths in a minute then it can be a sign that they have an obstruction in their airway. They may also start coughing which does not subside. Panting constantly is also another sign for puppy breathing problems.

These symptoms certainly warrant further observation of your puppy. Chances are, he will be just fine without any intervention, but keeping a close eye on him cannot hurt. So I suggest you do this.

These symptoms should disappear within several hours. If they don’t, you need to behave proactively. My recommendation: take him to a vet. Professional help with be immensely useful in this situation.

Either way it is better to be safe than sorry. You should also keep your house clutter-free or puppy-proof it to avoid this incidence.

Along those lines, just keep any and all small items out of your puppy’s reach, because, after all, if they are out of his reach, eating them accidentally will not happen; which, in turn, will prevent most breathing problems for your puppy.

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November 26th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Five Teething Remedies for Puppies

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Like with human babies there is a time where puppies suffer from teething pain. During this time, puppies are likely to chew on just about everything. This is why you should consider some of the following tips: Some remedies that help your puppy to get through this difficult time of his young life.

No 1: Ice: Put crushed ice or ice cubes in your puppy’s water dish along with his daily water. If he can’t seem to get the hang of getting the ice on his own, hand feed him small cubes to soothe his gums.

A variation of using ice cubes is putting a wet washcloth into the freezer long enough to get frozen. Then encourage your puppy to chew the cloth as it will help him to be relieved from his pain.

Giving your puppy’s gum a massage is another possibility. And this is how it works. Hold your puppy with one of your hands firmly but gently and softly massage his gum with the other.

But don’t allow your puppy to chew your fingers. Never let him develop bad habits like that. Allowing him such a thing like using your fingers as a toy is very difficult to break.

Chewing hard rubber and rope toys are good options for your puppy to chew on, regardless of teething pain. There are lots of variations available in every pet store. And: Do not forget to move any item you do not want your puppy to chew on out of his reach.

Again: Cold can relieve your puppy from teething pain. So you might want to place your puppy’s toys into the freezer before you let him play with them. Chewing on chilled toys can also help him to ease his gum.

Puppies may go through a teething phase for months, so to keep him happy and as comfortable as possible, see if any or all of these teething remedies for puppies helps.

Once the teething phase is over your puppy will hopefully be used to chew on all the items that you provided him with and much less on items you don’t want him to chew on like furniture ore electrical cords.

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November 25th, 2011 at 1:26 pm