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How to get rid of wasps

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There are many insects that sting, but wasps are the most dangerous of them all.  Not to be confused with a bee that dies after stinging its victim, a wasp will repeatedly sting its victim.  Their venom is dangerous to those that are allergic to their sting.

They have one egg producing queen.  Nests are built from wood fibers producing a paper-like shelter.

There are mainly two types of wasps – the social wasps and the solitary wasps.  Social wasps sting – these are the ones you want to get rid of.  They make heir nests in places like attics, under the roof, the roof peak, around sheds and out buildings, etc.  Solitary wasps do not make nests.  Instead the solitary wasp lays its eggs in their predator’s nest.  Solitary wasps are “good” wasps that eat things like beetles and aphids.

If you notice a large number of wasps around your home, you need to get rid of the nest.

Wasps also like trash cans.  Keep you trash  lids on tightly.  Keep your lawn trimmed and remove all tall weeds so that wasps cannot build nests there.

Before attempting to get rid of a nest, be sure to wear protective clothing made of rubber.  The stinger of a wasp can easily penetrate through woolen or cotton clothes.  For underground wasp nests you can use kerosene or diesel.  Do not use this method too close to the house, garage, out buildings, etc.  Pour the fuel into the entrance of the nest and quickly cover the mouth of the entrance with a wet towel.  The fumes from the fuel will kill the wasps in the nest.  You don’t need to light a fire.

If getting rid of a hanging wasp nest – wear thick clothing to avoid penetration of a wasp stinger.  It is better to use a special pressurized bomb in place of a household insecticide.  Household insecticides NEVER work.  Follow the instructions on the cover of the pressurized bomb.  Stand a few feet away from the wasp nest and aim the bomb right into the mouth of the nest.  Don’t worry if it falls outside the mouth; eventually all the wasps will be destroyed as well as the nest.

How brave are you for attempting a home remedy to rid yourself of wasps?  If you find a wasp nest hanging from a tree, all you need to do is light a small fire beneath it.  The smoke will choke the wasps; some will die and the rest will abandon ship.

Wasps have a “sweet tooth” for anything sweet and sugary.  Using a plastic milk jug, fill half with sugar and water; punch a few inch size holes at the top and hang in a tree.  The wasps will smell the sugar and enter the jug, getting stuck in the sugar syrup.

If having an outdoor party you can prevent wasps from spoiling your fun.  Make a wasp trap using a few pieces of beef liver tied with a string from a branch FAR AWAY from where your party will be.  A few inches below the beef liver, tie an empty milk jug half-filled with dish soap and water.  Your beef liver is the bait and your milk jug is your trap.  As they gorge on the beef liver they will feel heavy to fly back to their nest and will fall into the detergent water.  The soap renders their wings useless and they will drown.

To prevent wasps from entering your home, rub soap around the window sills and the wood around your windows to discourage them from entering.

If you’re the do-it-yourself person, remember to remove nests at night when all the wasps are in their nest.  Wear protective clothing.  Always have someone with you to help you in case there is a problem.  Always spray at night when they are less aggressive.

If all else fails – call in the professionals and let an exterminator do the job for you.

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June 15th, 2009 at 1:51 pm