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In This Final Scene, You Are Not Julie Andrews

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In the The Sound of Music, the von Trapp household escapes Nazi Germany through the Alps into Switzerland. The film is based on a true story. The family escaped from the rapidly approaching tyranny of Nazism into a stunning new freedom, singing “Edelweiss” as they made their way towards a new life.

Well, in the very near future, many believers in America may be required – or have the opportunity – to make a similar escape. And the only singing might be the Psalms in our hearts as we go on the run relying solely on the Lord’s plans and protection.

Although our faith has revealed to us that all of this is part of God’s overall plan for the last days, we hate to be the bearer of such news for the clients of Real Money USA and our other readers. But the truth is that the lives of ordinary Americans will never be the same, and those of Christians in this country especially will be turned upside down.

That’s due to the fact that Satan’s control of this planet is being revealed in this country. He has gone to work with a new vengeance, for he has always despised the United States for its freedom. The New World Order and the global banking elite are succeeding in making over the America that we know and love so that they can finally usher in their brand of tyranny for the future.

Soon enough, they will be persecuting true believers to eliminate us. So, now is the moment for you to escape physically, maybe to some other country, or simply to go underground. We’ll be discussing the notion of safe-haven nations soon.

And in the very near term, you should make sure your financial households are in order by relying on God’s Money, not the debt-money system of man that got even creakier with the fiscal-cliff deal reached in the U.S. this week.

Just keep in mind: Our citizenship is not of this globe. But as true believers, we still must plan for the rest of our lives on the planet and have to address our concerns about the here-and-now. The degree to which we prepare our families for the undesirable truth is the degree to which God will have the ability to use us for the days that are coming.

You can avoid being part of the masses who will be pressed without real money, and then ultimately without shelter or even food.

Stop what you’re doing right now and plan with the urgency of day-to-day survival. As Psalms 90 says, number your days and apply your hearts to wisdom. Contact Real Money USA for help in putting a financial plan in order quickly. Time is shorter than ever.

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Written by Anne Trimble

January 11th, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Side Tear Personal Checks Are Convenient And Personalized

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Both businesses and individuals can order checks online. Anyone with a bank account is eligible. Many times the bank-provided checks don’t provide everything people want when it comes to their checks. Many times checks online are less expensive than bank provided versions.

Special designs and patterns can show off someone’s individuality. Whether it’s a popular color or even a favorite animation character, every check written displays a person’s interests. Businesses may use these types of personalized checks to give themselves a far more professional appearance to both customers and vendors alike. It’s just one method to set a person or individual apart from the rest.

Checks continue to be an essential part in the financial system. They supply a record of what money was given to what company or individual. In most cases they are a better choice than debit or credit cards or even cash. Because of their necessity, many individuals have chosen to order checks online rather than picking out the bank issued variety.

People who choose to order personal checks online have a much larger selection than the bank can provide. You’ll be able to get plain checks, checks with duplicates, and even personalized patterns and designs. With just some bank and personal information, like the account and routing numbers, an online order can be made. It doesn’t take much time plus the checks can be reordered when the supply finishes.

The good thing about the ability to order checks online is that it may be done at any time. Banks are just open during business hours making it difficult for some to request checks. Online merchants are accessible at all times. It’s far more convenient for many individuals to place an order when they’ve got time, not when the bank is open.

After placing an order, it does take a little time to receive the checks in the mail. This is actually the same with an online order as well as visiting the bank to make the request. How long it will take depends upon the bank and the company where your checks are manufactured. Most people receive their checks in a couple of short weeks.

There are several reasons to order checks online. Convenience is one of the many benefits to choosing this method. Your order can be placed at any time with the necessary information. Instead of just being stuck with the cost of checks according to the bank, there are a number of sites to choose from and a person can shop around to find the best deal.

One of the other good reasons to place an order on the internet is the variety available, such as side tear personal checks. Some checks come in different colors and also the print can come in different fonts. There are characters and themes to pick from. Rather than just being another check, these stand out in the crowd and become more of a statement and expression of individuality. In some instances, these checks may even make people smile.

Did you realize you can still order discount personal checks on the internet? Creating personalized checks is simple and fun. There are many designs available that you can do pretty much anything from dog checks to Disney checks. You can even make them more customized by ordering side tear personal checks, because those are a little harder to come by.

Written by Melanie Stokes

January 9th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Quick Ways to Increase Your Income

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Did you know that as you pay off your debts and clean up your finances, your credit score will automatically improve? Even if you are only able to pay small additional amounts of money every month, you will still be making a difference. This is important because if you ever need a loan for a new car or a new house, the first thing the lender looks at is your credit score. A low credit score means you are a high risk, and even though they may approve a loan for you, it will probably be at a higher interest rate. But if you figure out how to increase your income and pay off your debts before you apply for a loan, you stand a much better chance of being offered a loan with a great interest rate.

You may be able to get a raise from your boss which would increase your income. You may also be able to pick up additional hours or even take on another job for a short time until you get a handle on your debt and increase your credit score.

When you use that extra money to pay down your debt your credit score will improve. As your credit score improves, you will stand a much better chance of qualifying for a low interest loan, which you can then use to refinance your current debts.

Any extra money that you can earn and put towards your debt will help you resolve your credit issues and rebuild your credit score.

Once you find that you have been able to pay down your debt and repair your credit score you will be in a position to apply for refinancing at a better interest rate with smaller monthly payments.

Many people are also finding that they have more “things” in their home than they need or even use. Look around your home and make a list of things that you no longer use and could sell. Consider setting up ads on,, or the classifieds section in your local newspaper. As soon as you receive money from the items that you sell, use that money to pay off your debt. If you don’t do it right away, you may end up spending it on new items.

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Check Your FICO Score

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Get a credit score and how fast can you jump from 300 to 850? Read more to find out. FICO is a company that means Fair Isaac and Co, who put together the formula to determine your credit score. In order for your score to be in the 800s, which is really high, you need to be particular with your finances. One more thing that will help your credit score is if you get rid of all the negatives from your credit score.

Click here to learn about how to get the free auditions. Your debt plays a big role in being able to get a high credit score so paying that off on time will help.

Some negatives on your account can include late bills that are past 30 days and any bad inquiries on your account. First and foremost, you must avoid getting negatives in the first place so that you don’t drop your credit score. To avoid these negatives, just remember to always pay your bills on time and never late. If you don’t max out your card and pay off your credit card statements in full each and every month, then that means you are in better shape than a lot of people.

If you do not recognize where the negative is coming from or what account it is in, you need to get it removed. Negatives can be removed and disputed in writing if they do not belong to you. The letter must be sent via certified mail and so you know that they will open it. You should have your response to the investigation within 30 days.

If you find out that the negative is yours to begin with then you cannot dispute it. The only thing you can do in this case is to wait it out. After 4 years you will feel that the negative won’t affect your score as much and after 7 years it will be fully lifted from your credit report. With a bankruptcy, it will stay on your credit report for longer at ten years.

If you plan on buying a home then you will need a home loan. With your mortgage, you will need a good credit history.

If you keep your utilization of credit low, you will help your credit score. That means no maxing out your credit cards and spending close to what the credit limit is at. Go online at least once a year. Because it’s free to check your credit score, you should do it anyway to make sure that everything is correct.

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Written by Bobby Pivens

December 29th, 2011 at 11:27 am

Bank Checks and Checking Accounts: Identifying High Interest Checking Accounts Laid Open

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Bank customers often encounter lots of tempting checking account plans which opens their desire to enjoy the privileges of owning one.

Regularly engaging in profitable bank transactions will definitely meet their high standard expectations of an ideal bank client that has good potentials of qualifying for a checking account in their bank. Qualifying transactions includes the regular use their online mode of paying bills such as your debit card accounts and the like.

Bankrate studies show that approximately 50 banks all over the country offers checking account plans with high interest rates to their patrons. Along these plans are interest rates which gets as high as 6% or half of it, depending on your efforts.

So what happens when you qualify and continue to do so for months – until one month, you don’t make enough of those qualifying transactions with the bank. Your bank then traces up your interest rate, cuts it down back to regular rates which falls beyond half its percentage point.

Unnoticeably, interest rate of 3 – 6% are still included in the bank’s strategy to lure their clients not to put an end on their savings and stocks and dumping it all up to their high interest accounts of business checks. Typically, banks discourage big personal investments for account types such as these checking accounts.

For your investment’s safety, it is precautionary for banks to put a limit, which is usually about $30,000 or less, on the money that should be in these accounts. Anything you hold above this will usually just drop you down to the default interest rate for the excess. On the other hand bank limits for very high interest rate checking accounts are about $1000.

Banks and credit unions are easy reached when contacted through phone. Yet, the difficulty arises when you want to get a grab of high interest rate checking accounts, because almost none of it is within the area near you and you have to do further searching to locate one. Usually, complaints arise concerning the bank rules on the monthly fixed number of transactions made from business checking accounts. One can save money buying payroll check blank checks and software online. Cheap prices are available online for first class computer checks and even blank check papers. Those looking for business applications and need to order computer checks for payroll checks will get better deals online.

Surpassing the rules that bind business checking accounts is just easy. All you have to do is make use of your debit card in purchasing groceries and buying yourself lunch. When the reward for that is a 6% interest rate, what is to complain about?

Seeking laser check paper is a difficult task. It requires a lot of work finding one at your local area. Online check shops offer huge markdowns for several check types, such as a payroll check, personalized checks, computer checks and the like.

Written by Matt Hardstone

December 12th, 2011 at 12:55 pm

5 Basic Steps to Improve My Credit Score

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It is likely that those who have poor credit are thinking about “how can I improve my credit score?” are greater than people that have a good credit record especially nowadays that the economy isn’t at its best.

The question “how can I improve my credit score?” may be playing on your mind right this moment. The bureaus will have a credit file once you have credit accounts. Listed below are the main tips to help you answer your question, “how can I improve my credit score?”

* Use credit, but also be smart with it. Make use of your credit intelligently. Make reasonable purchases with all your credit-based card and reduce the balance monthly, however don’t pay off your balance totally. A $0 balance is good to avoid interest charges but, interestingly enough, not to build your credit score. A zero balance isn’t damaging, but it really gives the credit reporting agencies the sense that you aren’t actively making use of your credit account. In order to improve your credit score; try keeping a $5.00-$10.00 balance on your card. With this you will definitely get a positive score from the bureaus because to them it would mean that you are actively using your credit. And do not max your card, even if you’re capable of paying off the full sum after the billing cycle. Exercise maintaining your credit balance beneath 30% on the available limit. You might be having doubts with this step and asking your self “Do I really need to do this to improve my credit score?” Alright, get it down to 10% and you’ll reap the best rewards to your scores. Your credit utilization is responsible for 1/3 of your scores that’s the reason you have to be very careful in this part.

* Don’t concentrate on all of your debts on one account. One single card with a giant balance is worse than small balances on a few cards. It is usually better for your credit-based card to enjoy a enormous gap on the balance and limit. Does paying installment debt help me improve my credit score? Although you’ll still be rewarded for paying down installment debt (mortgages or auto loans) your scores improve much more dramatically when you pay down revolving debt. This is about the most efficient ways to improve your credit score.

* Don’t close any accounts hastily. If you want to improve your credit score then keep your accounts active. You want to know how it will help your credit score. Each one of your accounts includes a history, your credit history stands for 35% of your score. The loan originator will probably close your account when they believe you are not using it.

* A healthy mix of credit is a must-have step. So, why must you take this step? Well, here is the logic for this. What exactly is good enough is having an installment account as well as two revolving accounts. An excessive amount of available credit might be considered unsafe by potential lenders. Aside from that, you will be dinged for inquiries which can affect you when applying for bigger loans.

* Keep an eye on your credit by looking at your credit report. If you are trying to improve your credit score then this is a must. It is your right to ask for your report from the main bureaus. You have to check your report thoroughly to see if all the information listed in your report is accurate and true. Inform the bureaus of any erroneous data listed on your credit report so that they could do the necessary changes. Your score which the credit bureaus gives will also rely on the report they got from you lenders, so it will be crucial that you maintain your credit reports as accurate as you can.

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Roth IRAs Vs 401ks

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401ks and Roth IRAs are two different investments options that people have when preparing for retirement. But which one is the better investment?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both plans. The best option for you may depend on your specific situation. So, how do these retirement plans actually work?

401ks are set up by your employer to allow you to invest your money before it is taxed. This money can then grow tax free until you retire. When you are eligible you can take the money out to help you on your pay for your retirement. You never have to pay taxes on this money until it is taken out which makes it a very nice way to grow your money.

A Roth IRA is the exact opposite plan. Instead of avoiding taxes now and paying them in the future you are able to pay the taxes up front and avoid paying taxes on any profits that you make on your money. For example if you invest $20,000 into your account and it is worth $80,000 by the time you retire you can take out the entire account tax free. This means that the entire $60,000 profit that you made is also tax free.

There are pros and cons to each plan, but basically it all comes down to what tax bracket you are in now and what tax bracket you think you will be in when you retire. If you believe that you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire then a 401k would work better because you get taxed in the future.

On the other hand if you think that your income and therefore tax bracket will be higher in the future then a Roth IRA will probably be better because you can pay taxes now when they are lower and avoid them when they are higher.

Looking at your specific situation can really help you to decide which one is the better option for you. However the best option is to invest into both. If you can afford it and you are eligible there are some great benefits of investing into both 401ks and Roth IRAs. This way you can save more money while at the same time benefiting from both plans, which can be a good thing.

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Written by Timmy Morre

November 30th, 2011 at 10:43 am

Stretch IRA

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When you’re thinking about your retirement savings, you may have wondered how you could pass your money on to second- and even third-generation beneficiaries. A stretch IRA may be the solution you need.

A stretch IRA is not an entirely different type of IRA. Instead, it’s a provision you can add to your current IRA whether it’s a traditional IRA, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA. A stretch IRA allows your IRA to continue to grow tax-deferred indefinitely because it can be passed from generation to generation.

To be a stretch IRA, the IRA needs to have two provisions. First, the IRA should allow you to designate a beneficiary who can elect to receive distributions based on a life-expectancy period. Second, the IRA should allow the beneficiary to select a second- or third-generation beneficiary. This is the provision that mainly makes it a stretch IRA.

To avoid an excess accumulation penalty, the primary beneficiary has to withdraw a minimum amount each year based on the beneficiary’s life expectancy. The life expectancy of a 48-year-old beneficiary is 36 years, so there would be a $5,000 minimum required distribution on an $180,000 IRA. If that beneficiary passes away prematurely, the second-named beneficiary would continue receiving distributions based on the previous 36-year life expectancy.

The distributions could be stretched out even further if the original IRA owner named a second- or third- generation beneficiary from the beginning. For example, a 20-year-old beneficiary has a life expectancy of 63 and would receive a minimum $2,857 distribution for 63 years instead of the 36 years in the previous example.

A stretch IRA keeps your assets in the hands of your family and loved ones instead of your estate trustee who will likely pay out the IRA immediately, eliminating the possibility for future tax-deferred growth.

You can make your beneficiary a millionaire. Assuming a 6% rate of return, a $150,000 IRA can pay out more than $1 million over 55 years. The younger the beneficiary, the greater the life expectancy, and the longer the IRA has to expand.

Unfortunately, tax laws are not guaranteed for the next 60 years, so benefits of a stretch IRA are subject to changes in the tax law. At any point in the future, the IRS may change the rules regarding named IRA beneficiaries and minimum required distribution levels.

Your average rate of return should stay fairly constant to receive the highest earnings on your IRA. A fluctuating rate of return will lower IRA earnings, which means your beneficiaries may not become millionaires, but they still get the advantages of tax-deferred growth from your IRA contributions.

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Written by Takara Alexis

July 9th, 2011 at 8:29 am

Contrasting No Load Index Funds And Loaded Funds

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The way to describe mutual funds is that they are portfolios or aggregates of individual stocks. When personal investors buy a share of a mutual fund, they are usually buying into many fractions of different companies. A common type of mutual fund is the index fund, defined as one whose component stocks are just ones drawn from some list (perhaps the NASDAQ member companies). Another common type is the non-index fund that follows some theme such as internet businesses or retail clothing.

Because index funds follow a fixed list of stocks that only change once in a while if a stock is delisted from a major exchange, there tends to be little need to actively manage the components of a fund. On the other hand, a themed fund is selected by a fund manager. The fund manager makes the decision of what to include, what to discard over time, and how to balance assets.

As one might imagine, because index funds are not as actively managed, they incur less fees. These are known as no load index funds. Similarly, because non-index funds require a lot of time from the manager, they end up incurring a management fee that is usually in addition to other fund fees. Interesting, research has shown that the active management does not seem to improve the performance of a fund when compared to the unmanaged index funds.

No load funds can be contrasted against other type of high yield mutual funds or investment products.

First, no load index funds must be compared to normal savings, checking and money market accounts. Savings or checking accounts rarely provide the best available interest rates which pushes investors to seek other options. It is almost a certainty that many will come into contact with the money market account which are akin to traditional bank accounts but offer more promising interest.

For another, no load index funds are often compared to safe government funds. A type of fund which remains poorly understood is the GNMA mutual fund, in contrast to the similar Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The three execute loans to property consumers and reap the gains. Ginnie Mae discovered that it was in a vastly improved condition, displaying little sign of being in dire straits.

Thirdly, no load index funds might be considered as an alternative to low risk government and company bonds. The mundane activities of a government, such as keeping a police force active on the municipal scale, or the public college accepting students on the state level, relies on financing. Temporarily obtaining money at these amounts is accomplished via the auctioning of bonds, essentially IOUs by the government to repay plus interest.

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Avoiding Shopping Traps

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According to research from Stanford University, over one in 20 adults are obsessive shoppers, purchasing things they don’t need, use, or even want. That is because shopping, once devoted to acquiring necessities, has come to fill various emotional needs-it’s entertainment, a bonding activity, a sport, a type of self-expression, and, sometimes, a means of peace.

Using brain scans, researchers have shown that the nucleus accumbens, an area associated with pleasure and reward, lights up as people consider a purchase, while the insula, a structure that plays an essential role in pain, is initiated when they think about the cost. The two brain areas compete with each other to determine whether you will purchase something.

Buying a lot in one store could minimize your sensitivity to the pain of cost. You hit the what-the-heck effect: You’ve spent $200; what’s another $20 for a T-shirt? Try shopping in various stores for different purchases.

A retail tactic we should be wise to, is buying something for $29.99 because we tend to discount it to $20 instead of $30. The anticipation of getting a good deal is what drives us toward the cash register, not the object itself-and as a result, we end up with stuff we don’t particularly want. If paying for goods causes pain in the brain, credit cards are aspirin. Unfortunately, cards also create bigger headaches later on. Using cash is the number one antidote to overspending, according to experts. If you do pay with a credit card, beware of the trap I’ve already got this debt, so it doesn’t matter if I add more on.

The mall has been blamed for killing America’s main streets, stealing business away from mom-and-pop shops. But now malls themselves may be on the endangered list. But with so many of us now depending on these places to socialize, de-stress, even exercise, what can we do when the local mall is shuttered?

When you see a range of prices, it’s as if you were coming from a dimly lit room into a bright one; at first you’re not used to the light, but you adjust fast. We don’t think about how what money is worth to us; we just make a relative decision. If you’re deciding on an item that comes in numerous models, give yourself a time limit. When you are down to the final two options, toss a coin, and while it’s in midair, try to feel how you want it to fall-that’s your answer.

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