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How to get rid of kitchen clutter

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The busiest room in the house is usually the kitchen.  That is the heart of the home – where everyone sits, eats, visits and some even dye or perm hair in the kitchen, do homework, work on projects, etc.

And with all the appliances and gadgets that are available today, there is just not enough room for everything.

Without going into a big expense, and an easy way to recycle some things, you can organize some of your clutter and make things look much neater.

Let’s start with cooking utensils.  Usually the drawer or drawers that hold all those cooking utensils are one big mess!  No organization to those drawers at all.  You are constantly fumbling through looking for one particular spatula or wooden spoon, or knife, or the ice cream scoop or the pizza cutter.

Start to save those waxed paper and plastic wrap boxes.  Carefully remove and dispose of the metal cutting edge (if these is one), cut off the end flaps and the cover.  Line up in your drawer and use to separate knives, cooking utensils, spoons, hand graters, silverware, barbecue skewers, etc. If you cannot remove the metal cutting edge, cover with duct tape so that you or anyone in your family don’t cut yourselves when reaching for something.

Small boxes can be used to hold all those twist ties that we use.  Why have them scattered all over the drawer?

Still need a bit more room for those “every day” utensils that you want right at your fingertips?  An old jug, pitcher, or small, tall pot can be decoratively placed on your countertop to hold the utensils you use on a daily basis.  If it is not attractive, or the wrong color, paint or decorate to match your kitchen.  If it happens to be quite light and made of thin material or plastic, you will not want it to tip as you remove utensils.  Fill the bottom with some marbles to give it weight.

Do you like to cook and bake?  Often looking for something to use in the freezer to hold a half cup or cup or something – like pumpkin puree, mashed bananas, etc?  Recycle your yogurt containers.  They are just the right size.  Label, date and freeze.  While you’re at it – 8 oz. of gravy, broth for recipes, juices, etc. will also freeze in those containers.  Makes measuring much easier later on.

Recycle your plastic gallon ice cream tubs and plastic sherbet containers, whipped topping containers, etc. of all sizes.  These are great to use for holding flours, sugars, brown sugar, rice, barley, couscous, cereals, powdered sugar, dry milk, etc.  This is also helpful for anyone who has an ant problem every spring.

Save those glass jars that pasta sauces come in.  You can use those in your freezer to freeze gravies, sauces, broths, homemade soups, etc.  Pickle and olive jars are nice for shaking homemade salad dressings; also use for storing homemade crumbs for baking (refrigerated of course).

Need extra freezer space?  When freezing portions of ground beef (for instance – in 1 pound packages for certain recipes), pat the meat out flat and place in freezer bags.  Once frozen they will stack easier and will also thaw faster than  a ball-shaped piece of frozen meat.

Use your gallon milk jugs to end under-the-sink clutter as well.  cut off the tops and store your rubber gloves, sponges, bottle cleaners, dish mops, trash can liners, etc.

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June 10th, 2009 at 6:40 pm