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Following A Low Carb Diet And Low Carb Recipes

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A low carb diet and low carb recipes assist individuals in a wide variety of medicinal contexts. Both limit the consumption of carbohydrate rich foods. Instead they are replaced with foods containing more protein or fat. It is also highly encouraged to eat greater amounts of foods with fewer carbs. As a result, many individuals experience benefits.

On this diet foods especially high in sources of digestible carbohydrates are limited or eliminated. These would include breads and pastas. Instead, they are replaced with foods that have a high fat or protein content. Among these favored foods are poultry, meat, fish, cheese, shellfish, nuts, eggs, soy, seeds and peanuts.

Additional favorable foods consist of those with low carb contents, like tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. However, some diets allow individuals to consume additional sources of vegetables and fruits. Everything depends on which plan is being followed, as many varieties exist.

A low-carbohydrate diet plan can have several important uses. It greatly aids those who struggle to lose weight and fight obesity. It can serve as a form of treatment for those with epilepsy or diabetes. Suffers of chronic fatigue syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome have also experienced improvements.

Diets restricting carbohydrates have been scientifically proven to be as effective as those restricting fat and energy. Women who were overweight or obese and premenopausal lost the most body mass on this type of diet. One study has linked obesity to low carb consumption, but the findings are inconclusive.

In contrast, the possible effects on longevity while on this meal plan has been studied convincingly. From a testing group of one hundred thousand individuals over two decades, concrete results were revealed. Consuming lower amounts of carbs can be beneficial, but lifespan is ultimately affected by where individuals get their protein. Following this diet with protein and oil derived from plants improves lifespan. When protein and fat come from animals, individuals die younger.

One example of a main dish for a dinner meal is pheasant served with shallots and cream. It calls for pheasant, canola oil, cream, butter, artificial sweetener, pepper, and salt. No pastas or breads exist in this meal. The bird gives protein and fat comes from the cream, butter and oil. It is not recommended for most proteins or fats to come from animals, as they do in this recipe. Therefore there are healthier options available.

A more healthy dish is the chicken roulade. This entails chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms, chicken and brandy. It is an improvement because it uses chicken, spinach and mushrooms for its proteins. This offers multiple sources of vegetable based nutrients. Furthermore, olive oil is used for the cooking of shallots and garlic, giving oils with a plant origin as well.

Such a diet helps with many medical conditions. It helps those struggling with weight and obesity, abnormal insulin levels, and seizure disorders. It can also improve energy levels and health of those with polycystic ovarian syndrome. But its ultimate impact on longevity depends on where fats and proteins are derived. From animal sources, lifespan is reduced. In contrast, if fats and oils come from plant sources, individuals on this plan will live longer and healthier lives.

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Written by Tora Watson

December 20th, 2011 at 1:09 pm