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The Gift Of Disease

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When you are diagnosed with a incurable health problem like cancer you have two options : take it as a death ruling or a gift for a new life.

Now let me ask you: Which of the 2 choices serve you the most? You can choose either, but of course, if you want to continue living, then choosing the option of choosing illness as a gift will serve you to learn about a new you and find out more about life.

How we tend to CHOOSE to see something influences how we FEEL in relation to something. And how we feel will either elevate or drop our energy.

When your body is experiencing illness the last thing you want to do is drop your energy – it is low enough as it is. So why not take a path that will elevate your energy providing you with new hope and uplifting feelings.

Envisage This:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if when you went to the physicians to be given the concluding examination results for cancer that the doctor sat there at the table with you and with a great big smile announced that they had some great news for you and that you are presently about to receive the most wonderful gift that you may perhaps ever imagine in your entire life. And as the physician watched the warm glow of hope and joy spread across your face he announced that your body is showing signs of sever stress due to your preceding life-style and emotional choices and that some of your organs have gone on strike because they have become overloaded with toxins but there is a excellent solution that will allow your body to heal and your organs to rejuvenate but it will take going on for six to twelve months based on your own commitment levels.

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if you had been locked up with apprehension about having cancer and may die within a year and your doctor presented you with an opportunity in the way we’ve just described. You would perhaps feel relieved which would raise your energy and furnish you with a sense of hope and possibility for your life.

How you wish to see something is so important. The trick is to always observe things in a way that SERVES you. Why would you ever perceive things in any other way. And why would you ever let someone else show you things that do not serve you.

Why Illness and Chronic Diseases are A Gift?

Illness is basically an alarm bell. It’s not a death ruling. When your body exhibits sign of ill health it is telling you that you are out of alignment. You have strayed too far in a direction that does not serve you either in your physical or mental/emotional actions.

To repair your body to peak health all you need to do is listen to the alarm bell, then SWITCH IT OFF – in other words once you see there is an issue DO NOT FOCUS ON THE ISSUE any more – at that time focus on what you wish for – perfect health.

What we concentrate on in our lives grows that is why it is crucial that once you recognize your body is showing signs of ill health that you don’t focus on the ill health but instead put your full focus in to wellness and TAKE ACTION to change your life and habits.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments In A Natural Way!

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Yes this is possible, go normal way to treatment cancer.

There are normal or choice cancer treatments that entire have a 50% accurate remedy fee on cancer sufferers offered up on by orthodox medication.

Unbelievable as it may seem, but information reveal that there are over 350 natural and alternative cancer treatments readily available.

Folks have applied these gentle and non-toxic treatments as a substitute of or next to standard therapy, or immediately after typical remedy. You’ll be astonished to perceive that hundreds of individuals are employing them right now and beating their most cancers!

The positive aspects given by natural most cancers therapy are realized by a increasing variety of folks with this disease. A lot of sufferers are realizing that supplementing their standard care with option medicines the normal way is a smart and effective undertaking.

Due to superior phases of their sickness individuals who are no lengthier capable to proceed with conventional care i.e. chemotherapy, have the added benefit of a different option offered to them to offer it a final opportunity to battle their illness.

At this point in the late phases of their disease it does not make perception to users of choice medicine to simply acknowledge the truth that nothing at all much more can be carried out by typical medication once they possess the free option of employing alternative medicines.

In fact, many cancer survivors who had small to no hope with conventional medications declare that if it was not for option normal cancer treatments, they would not possess survived so long, also soon after been provided their expiry date.

Most of the option natural cancer treatment techniques present improve by strengthening the physique and managing the aspect effects of standard remedies.

One form of normal most cancers therapy procedure is the herbal mindset which is in all probability the earliest form of therapy in the world. Shocked! In these, herbal remedies are used to reinforce the body’s capacity to remove these malignant cells.

Essiac is one of the most well-known and extensively acknowledged herbal therapies known formulated by a nurse using various natural herbs with top quality of strengthening the immune drive and antiseptic properties, diminishing the illness results. This is identified to be an effective drug for the battle in opposition to cancer.

Did you understand this? Shark Cartilage has been utilized as a natural cancer treatment for quite a few years. Of the shark cartilage products, Benefin’s Shark Cartilage seems to be the freshest and most potent mix of shark cartilage readily available

You cannot poison your physique into wellness with drugs, chemo or radiation. The holistic strategy treats the entire body, ignites the body’s inner healing pressure and stimulates the body’s natural talents to heal it.

Various interpretations are given by most cancers remedy centers on their natural most cancers treatment strategies. The natural approach treats the entire person, ignites the physique’s internal healing drive and stimulates the physique’s natural capabilities to recover itself.

It is a complete method that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your most cancers markers, and returns your health.

This interpretation is given by a provider involved in treating advanced cases of the disease. So assume twice just before taking any therapy regardless of whether or not you should be benefited by them or not.

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March 21st, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Alternative Treatments Help When Combined With Traditional Treatments

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Treatments for cancer have traditionally involved radiation and chemotherapy, but as people seek more natural treatment for cancer, alternative methods have evolved. Integrative care, which combines the positive aspects of traditional and modern medicine have provided alternate therapies to treat or enhance the treatment of cancer. The treatments used depend on the natural cancer treatment that is available and the patients, but each treatment is meant to provide the patient with tools to eradicate cancer and prevent recurrence.

A natural cancer doctor may work with supplements and diet along with other natural alternatives to help reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy and it’s side effects along with other problems that arise from having cancer. Although alternative treatments will not cure cancer they do offer great benefits when applied with traditional treatments.

A natural cancer doctor may offer herbal treatments or high dose vitamin C IV therapy which has been proven to help elevate levels of extracellular vitamin C. Anxiety may be treated with hypnosis, meditation and relaxation techniques and massage therapy. Exercises and yoga may also be recommended along with acupuncture, aromatherapy and music therapy to ease nausea and/or vomiting.

Natural cancer doctors can prescribe coffee enemas to supplement cancer treatment. In strengthening the immune system, detoxification is necessary. As the body undergoes detoxification, the immune system increases its ability to detoxify. Cancer tumors are affected by this increased immune system and can start to break down. One of the effects of this breakdown is toxins that require removal or the toxins can result in death and coma. Coffee enemas stimulate the liver’s dexot help remove these toxins and resolve this dangerous condition.

Natural cancer doctors use other therapies such as Low Dose Naltrexone. When applied before bedtime, this drug aids the body by blocking natural opioids and increases enkephalin and endorphin levels in the body. These endorphins attach themselves to the dividing cancer cells which kills some cancer cells, and also results in bolstering certain immune system cells that will destroy cancer cells. This LDN may be prescribed lifelong to prevent recurrence.

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