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Can Anyone Have Dental Implants?

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The practice of dentistry makes use of dental implants in order to provide a firm base on which a replacement tooth, or group of teeth, can be fitted after the natural tooth has been removed. A dental implant takes the form of a small post, usually made of titanium, which is installed permanently within the jawbone. The implant is described as “endosseous” (a word which comes from the Green prefix endo- (meaning “in”) and osseous (meaning “referring to bone”)), and it is accepted by the jawbone and its surface is fused with the bone which surrounds it. This process is known as “osseointegration”.

When the dental implant is in place, it can be used as a base to support crowns, bridge-work or dentures. It can also be used as an anchorage point for more complicated orthodontic work.

Before a dental implant can be fitted, there are several important considerations. Initially, the type of implant will be determined by the type of dental prosthesis (denture, crown etc) which is to be fitted. The patient’s jaw must be strong enough, and large enough, to accept the implant and support it. In some cases the patient may first need a bone graft, so that the size and/or strength of the jaw can be increased to accommodate the implant. A further consideration is that the teeth and soft gum tissue which will surround the implant must also be healthy and strong. And in all cases, the extent of the load which the implant will bear must also be considered. Excessive grinding, or clenching, of the surrounding teeth will subject the implant to abnormal stress which may cause it to fracture.

In some (thankfully uncommon) cases, dental implants are not suitable. Those patients who suffer from uncontrolled Type II Diabetes are susceptible to poor blood circulation, which means that the healing process after any form of surgery can be slow and protracted. This is also true of patients who are prescribed bisphosphonates for certain forms of breast cancer and/or osteoporosis.

In some very rare cases, the bone structure of the jaw is such that the implant procedure could result in permanent or long-term nerve damage. If a bone-graft to rectify this is not possible, then this is one instance where a dental implant should definitely not be fitted.

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Written by Frederick Kensington

January 9th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Common problems with teeth

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Because everything that people drink and eat has to pass through their teeth and in most cases be chewed by the teeth, they come under a lot of hard use multiple times a day. Cleaning teeth regularly and having them checked for health problems is very important to make sure there condition is still as it should be. Teeth also experience a lot of temperature changes usually at meal times which can be extremely painful if teeth are not looked after.

There are various problems with teeth which people suffer from and they are almost always related to insufficient cleaning and eating foods with high sugar content. Tooth decay is a very bad problem but it is also very common and occurs because people don’t clean their teeth thoroughly enough or often enough. When sugary foods are consumed the sugars sit on the teeth if they aren’t cleaned. They then combine with bacteria to produce acids which are damaging to the teeth.

Plaque is also a very common problem in dental health as over time it can also cause bad damage to teeth. Plaque is a formulation of bacteria and germs which stick to the teeth usually where the teeth and gums meet. Plaque is a major contributor to both tooth decay and gum disease and to prevent it teeth should be cleaned regularly.

Gum disease is actually fairly common and in the worst cases can cause a person to completely lose their teeth. Gum disease occurs when plaque is allowed to sit on the teeth and gums. It causes the gums to become inflamed and also bleed but then it also moves onto the bone supporting the teeth. Plaque can be removed quite easily with regular cleaning but those who don’t remove it may find their teeth become loose and possibly even fall out.

Sensitive teeth are another dental problem which people experience commonly. People suffer this because the protective enamel on the teeth has been worn away by acids and so significant heat changes are felt a lot more by the nerves beneath the teeth. Sensitive teeth can be helped by using sensitive teeth toothpastes.

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Written by Goran Krap

December 25th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Improving Form and Function With Dental Implants

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In the world of modern dentistry, dental implants have come a very long way. They are designed to replace teeth that are either damaged or missing altogether. Prior to the advent of modern dental implants, individuals who lost permanent teeth needed to either have bridgework done or wear dentures.

Now with modern dentistry advancements, those who need even one tooth replaced can have a dental implant placed. These implants resemble native teeth and are meant to be permanent. Even a few teeth can be replaced if that is deemed necessary.

Dental implants require either a titanium metal screw or a cylinder to be secured into the bone structure to support the new fake tooth. It is necessary to permit some time to go by so that the metal will become one with the surrounding bone so that it is super stable. There are a variety of methods for implant placement in those people who have inadequate bone for integration or those individuals who do not have adequate bone height to put in the implant. Once the metal has been put into the underlying bone, then either a prosthetic crown or tooth is secured to the implant and in the end it resembles a normal tooth.

Even in people with dentures, dental implants are actually seeing utility. One of the problems with dentures is slipping which may be embarrasing. Other problems with dentures are they don’t always fit properly and they could lead to some soreness issues. Adding dental implants and anchoring dentures has numerous patient benefits.

This type of procedure is called the all on four dental implant. The success rate for this procedure is extremely high and aesthetically is very pleasing. For individuals with numerous missing teeth or dentures that they are not happy with, the all on four implant procedure can provide both an excellent functional benefit along with a cosmetic benefit. It can benefit a person’s self-esteem along with their self-confidence and make them much more social. Once again, the newest teeth look like the other teeth in the mouth and any person in good physical and oral health is a candidate to have the procedure performed.

Any individual who’s dealing with these issues should have a look into the world of modern dentistry which thankfully is much more cognizant of both form and function. The benefits may surprise you tremendously.

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December 17th, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Cosmetic Dentists Sheffield- Treatments to Boost Up Face Value

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Today, a lot of dental patients choose cosmetic dentistry treatments to make even minor improvements in their smile. These procedures produce several changes in the general appearance of your face. Cosmetic dentistry combines different methods and improves your appearance. It is a specialized field and there are qualified cosmetic dentists to conduct this work. Cosmetic dentists Sheffield conduct treatments like teeth whitening, dental bridges and invisible aligners.

Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, you have several choices. Whitening kits could be acquired at the cosmetic dentists Sheffield clinics, and it combines the application of whitening gel with special light. The major advantage is that you will require only one visit to the cosmetic dentist. Laser bleaching involves the use of whitening gel with laser. This method also requires only one visit to the cosmetic dentist. A major advantage of laser bleaching is that it can be conducted very quickly. Having whiter teeth can enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

Invisible Aligners

Cosmetic dentists Sheffield provide invisible braces. These are clear, transparent aligners with customized attachments. This clear, removable aligner is used as an alternative for dental metal wires and brackets. It straightens the development of teeth and reshapes chipped teeth. Most often, invisible aligners are replaced every two weeks until the treatment is complete and the patient attains the look he wants. Their invisibility and their compatibility have encouraged many people to reshape the teeth structure without the embarrassment of wearing steel braces all the time on the teeth.

Dental Bridges

Cosmetic dentists in Sheffield also offer dental bridges to regain and maintain perfect teeth. These are implants and dentures which are used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges successfully fill the spaces left by missing teeth and are fabricated to be nearly indistinguishable from naturally healthy teeth. These appliances also minimize risks of gum problems and correct patient’s bite to improve their speech. With commitment to practice oral hygiene, these false teeth can last for ten years or so.

To comprehend and discover about the various cosmetic dentistry methods and how you can benefit from them, go to cosmetic dentists Sheffield today.

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Get the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist Dublin for Dental Implants

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The number of dental implant patients is rising every year. Millions of individuals are affected by tooth loss because of tooth decay, injury, or gum problem. In the previous years, dental bridges and dentures were the only remedies for replacing missing teeth. However, a lot of cosmetic dentists at present, including cosmetic dentist Dublin, have been offering dental implants as a more lasting and secure procedure to fix the problem of missing or damaged teeth.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are metal frames that are positioned by a cosmetic dentist Dublin into the jawbone beneath the gums that allow him to mount replacement teeth onto them. Since these implants are fused to the jawbone, they give significant benefits particularly when eating and talking. They are innovative in nature and are actually more beneficial than the traditional bridgework. This kind of cosmetic method is the perfect solution for people having good oral health who have lost a tooth or several teeth due to periodontal problem or an accident.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Implants look, feel and function like your own teeth. They can give you back your smile and boost confidence, and are designed to fuse with your jawbone, so they become permanent. They can preserve face contours as well as prevent deterioration of the jaw bone, which is a common occurrence when the teeth are absent. Dental implants prevent tooth decay and further trauma to the mouth. They are also strong and durable. Apart from aesthetics, this cosmetic procedure has been proven to be highly practical.

Cosmetic dentist Dublin also advises the application of cosmetic dental implants since eating foods with lack of taste will no longer be a problem. Wearing dentures, eating foods could be painful, uneasy, and not as flavorful as they were with your natural teeth. Dentures utilize plates and clasps in the jaw which remove the flavor of the foods. Dental implants do not use anything but the replacement tooth- soon you will have that familiar taste and full flavor, all without pain or discomfort.

Your mouth and teeth are the most important parts of your face. Through the right cosmetic dentist Dublin, you obtain the assurance of having enough skills and experience in repairing your teeth through dental implants.

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If You Must Have A Dentist Brisbane Might Be The Place

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There is no pain quite like a toothache. Your first inclination that it may be rearing its ugly head, is the short shock of hurt that hits you out of the blue. If you ignore it, hoping it will disappear, that will not happen. Soon, without care from dentist Brisbane, you will be in full shut-down pain mode. You may think your face is connected to the electrical outlet, there is so much shocking hurt going through your mouth.

It is possible to alleviate the pain to some extent using oil of clove packed into the tooth with small pieces of cotton. This is only temporary, long enough for you to locate a professional and get to the office. They have the right stuff to help you, but in an emergency situation, temporary methods can hold back some of the pain until it can be properly treated.

Those who attend the dentist frequently, such as every six months, for a check up and cleaning of the teeth are probably a step ahead of those who may not do so. Preventative care can aid the patient in more ways than one, avoiding emergency treatment being among them.

If you choose not to seek his services, there is little the doctor can do. His desire is to make a living, but also, to keep your teeth in their prime condition, through upkeep, whitening, replacing or whatever it takes. The ideal situation is to keep your original teeth for as long as possible.

Sit in the dentist chair at least twice a year, allowing x-ray’s at least one of those times. Visual inspection can show the exterior of the teeth, but further investigation is needed to peer deep into the tooth and surrounding tissues. There could be trouble lurking there, unseen until too late. While gazing into your mouth, color, odor, and looseness of teeth can tip off the alert doctor to trouble ahead.

Dental technology has come a long way since the old-time pliers and laudanum. If you are having a truly painful procedure these days, “happy gas” can be administered, making you not care much what they do with your mouth. Nitrous oxide puts you in a happy place while your tooth problems are addressed. Sedation dentistry is selected by many patients.

Even when folks attend dental clinics regularly, pulling wisdom teeth may become necessary or whitening of teeth may be the need. No matter what issue arises, dentist Brisbane has the expertise and tools to be able to assist you.

White teeth means a beautiful smile and teeth whitening Brisbane can help you with that. You can find a great cosmetic dentist Brisbane area right now.

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August 2nd, 2011 at 9:11 am

Few Common Cosmetic Dental procedures Explained

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Some of the most common cosmetic dental treatments are :

Dental bonding : This is carried out to fill openings in the teeth and cover stains and chips. The technique involves the applying of a composite resin material to the tooth. The material, which is available in two shades, is sculptured to cover the mandatory area. It is then dried employing a high-intensity light or a chemical. The method doesn’t cause any agony to the patient except when a minor tooth roughening is done.

Tooth contouring and reshaping : This fast, cheap, and non-invasive process is used to fix teeth issues like overlaps, shallow pits and grooves in the enamel, worn edges, and chipped teeth. The enamel removal process is carried out only after dentists confirm through x-rays the teeth requiring reshaping are strong enough to bear some enamel loss. The method is finished with the smoothing and polishing of the sides of the latterly contoured tooth.

The strategy sometimes requires a follow-up visit after the initial visit.

Mouth guards and night guards : These are plastic appliances that offer protection to the mouth during sports and also while sleeping.

Mouth guards break shock due to violent contact and so protect the head and neck. They’re prepared employing a cast of the teeth. The mouth guards can be stock, mouth-formed, or custom-made. They’re excellent for people with worn teeth, the ones that suffer aches in the jaws, and folks with teeth that are reactive to cold.

Awful breath or bad breath : The breakdown of pieces of food by the bacteria present under plaque, in the cracks on the tongue, and between teeth leads to the generation of unstable sulfur compounds ( VSC ) that cause dog breath. Periodontal illness is also a reason for stinky breath. Dentists identify the quantity of VSC being generated by utilizing a halimeter. Bleaching is carried out using bleaching gel, which is in general hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. The gel breaks down releasing oxygen molecules that penetrate the enamel and dentin and disintegrate the blotches. The time required for results to appear is dependent on the source of the stain and differs substantially from two hours to 2 weeks.

Crowns and bridges : Teeth that need mend after an accident or exaggerated rot can be handled by employing a crown, which is an artificial alternative for the higher portion of the tooth. A bridge involves placing an alternative tooth that’s fixed in position using 2 crowns that are bonded on opposite teeth.

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Written by Sowoso Damianoso

May 31st, 2011 at 9:23 am

Understanding Cosmetic Dentists Liverpool for Dental Implants

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Dental aesthetics as well as appearance has made a great impact in the social aspect of individuals. People who have bad smiles because of poor hygiene might develop horrible gum disease. And those who have lost their natural teeth caused by accidents or other unforeseeable events are bothered by how they look. Because of these, they are not able to mingle. For individuals who live in Liverpool and currently suffering from such problems, it is essential to find help from competent cosmetic dentists Liverpool to address these problems.

The right way that cosmetic dentists Liverpool could take in order to fix a broken smile is by doing cosmetic dentistry procedures. Before dental implants were developed, people who had lost their teeth were only able to use dentures. Currently, the use of implants has become popular. There are actually several forms of implants which you can pick from, based on your needs. Some of them are Single tooth replacement, full lower replacement, Posterior replacement, full upper replacement and anterior replacement. An implant is usually placed where the natural tooth used to be. Then, it is attached to the jawbone to set a right foundation.

Once the missing teeth are replaced with implants, the dentist will permit a healing period of around two to six months in order for the gums to strengthen and for the device to hold securely in position. However, not everyone is suited for this type of procedure. Only those who’ve got good immune system and strong bone density are qualified. Your cosmetic dentists Liverpool will also examine any existence of dental carries to enable them to put in fillings or crowns to further protect your teeth before any dental procedure will be carried out.

Teeth implants are so convenient to use plus they offer less risk and recurrence of dental carries. Most especially, it is worth the price given that they do not easily get damaged. If you yourself have a missing tooth or a gum disease, you will have to talk to skilled cosmetic dentists Liverpool who are skillful and highly trained in setting the dental implants correctly to your mouth.

People who have gone through this procedure have very high success rates. With the help of competent cosmetic dentists Liverpool, they are now able to socialize without the need of worrying concerning their oral condition.

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Cosmetic Dentist Nottingham- Perfect Cosmetic Dental Treatments Offered

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Some individuals are blessed enough to be given with a beautiful smile, but time and accidents send many of us searching for cosmetic dentists in Nottingham. If you are on the market for a cosmetic dentist Nottingham, the very first thing that you need to do is to find out what kind of operation you need for your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry could help bring back your smile through providing treatments for stained and discolored teeth, filling gaps left caused by lost or uneven teeth, reshaping the teeth and many more. Here is a look at the best services offered by cosmetic dentists in Nottingham.

Let’s first talk about teeth whitening. This method involves bleaching the surface of the teeth by using a peroxide gel. People who have plaque, decay and brown or yellow stains in the teeth are usually the ones who have this operation. Frequent brushing and over-the-counter teeth whitening products that fail also lead them to this cosmetic dental option. Next are the porcelain veneers. This is ideal for patients with severe stains and damaged teeth. In this method, the cosmetic dentist Nottingham applies porcelain on the teeth’s surface in order to restore a once dazzling smile. It focuses on restoring damaged areas of the front teeth.

Now, let us go ahead with dental bonding. This is often suitable for patients with damaged or uneven teeth because of injury, repairing them with the application of resin and other forms of fillings. It’s used to fill in the gaps between teeth, cover up cracks and to reshape the teeth to make them look natural. Dental implants are famous alternatives for replacing missing teeth. The implant is generally made up of titanium which combines with the jawbone. Implants copy the real teeth in such a way that it is difficult to tell the difference.

Among the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures is the cosmetic gum surgery. This is primarily the solution for “long tooth” because of shrinking gums and “gummy smile” because of excessive gum tissue. It helps people with collapsed gums in the area of a missing tooth, darkened parts between implants or other tooth sensitivity due to receding gums. For this form of cosmetic surgery, you need to discuss the full method with a skilled cosmetic dentist Nottingham.

It is necessary to keep your teeth in great condition. Should there be any complications with your dental situation, consult a professional cosmetic dentist Nottingham to keep good teeth forever.

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Three of the Extremely Common Problems Cosmetic Dentists Ottawa Can Handle

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Let’s admit it. We always want to look wonderful. We want to get noticed and be acknowledged by our smiles. Unfortunately, not every person is blessed with the great set of pearly whites. And we cannot do much regarding damaged, knocked out, and stained teeth all by ourselves. All we need is a professional assistance and the expertise of cosmetic dentists Ottawa.

Dentists who are specialized in cosmetic dentistry can create a world of difference to your smile. They are specialized particularly in enhancing someone’s dental situation. These people have recognized qualifications from reputed institutions. They have a sharp eye on symmetry and have know-how on application of dental veneers, implants, crowns, bondings, among others. They put in years of training in order to enhance and perfect their skills. To discover more about them, here are three of the extremely common problems dependable cosmetic dentists Ottawa can resolve for you.

Tooth discoloration can occur to anyone for a few reasons. Consistent consumption of dark beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine and also certain fruits and vegetables can result in this kind of discomforting problem. Cigarette smokers can also experience the same. Whether it’s brownish or yellowish teeth, it could trigger a person to feel ugly for himself. Poor self-esteem can develop afterwards as well as not enough self-confidence. With the aid of latest dental techniques such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening gels, your teeth can glow like new and you can take back your smile.

Accident, fall, or even biting hard on one thing could chip or knock out your tooth. Unlike the rest of our body, our teeth don’t have a capacity to cure themselves. Who won’t be ashamed of having a broken or missing tooth? These kinds of conditions could also ruin your smile and make chewing and eating difficult for you. For those who are sufferers of this condition and are staying in Ottawa, no worries because you could go to professional cosmetic dentists Ottawa. They give a complete choice of dental procedure. If your tooth is slightly damaged, it can simply be lightly filed in order to make it look smooth and natural. At the same time, for extremely broken teeth, porcelain veneers or dental bonding are the ideal choices for you. Dental bridges could efficiently replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentists Ottawa have spent in technology to make dental procedures comfortable and effective for their patients. Without their support, there could be no chance we can bring back the smile that we could be proud of.

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