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Everything You Shouldn’t Have In Tsi-La Organic Perfume Leaves Out

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The slickly presented celebrity and designer fragrances that you see on sale in your favorite stores may look attractive, but they do not really have the most healthy stuff in the bottle.

So if you’d prefer to have pure, clean, and wholesome ingredents in your fragrances, we are glad to be in a position to announce Tsi-La’s organic and natural perfumes don’t contain

man-made chemical denaturants

artificial ingredients

man-made colours


synthetic chemicals

Whoa, lots of massive words there. So let’s break it down into English, shall we?

Denaturants are a vital ingredient in scents. They’re used to make the alcohol in the mixture undrinkable (alcohol is an element in all perfumes). While commercial fragrances contain synthetic chemical denaturants (that might be damaging to humans), Tsi-La uses organic sugar cane alcohol that’s denatured by natural oils.

All the pure ingredients in our fragrances are derived solely from natural origins and not from synthetically made (and possibly unhealthy) chemicals.

The utilization of artificial colours is common in commercial perfumes. But in Tsi-La’s? No way! All of the wonderful colors inside Tsi-La’s fragrances come from the natural shades and tones of our 100% pure ingredients.

Phthalates are peculiar chemicals ( high doses have been shown to affect hormone levels and cause birth defects) that lengthen the life of perfumes on your skin. At Tsi-La, we don’t use any phthalates in our creations. Never, ever. (FYI, if your fragrance lasts all day, it's not natural, and is teeming with phthalates)

Preservatives protect perfumes from damage caused by air or light, and stop bacteria and fungus from growing in the bottles. The chemical preservatives in commercial fragrances can potentially cause your skin to become irritated, and are simply not good for you. Tsi-La’s fragrances contain tocopherols (also known as vitamin E), which is a natural preservative as well as a natural antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.

So can a scent that is made with less stuff actually deliver more? Absolutely! Particularly when “less” pertains to artificial (and possibly damaging) ingredients, “more” are physical, mood, and total body benefits, and the perfume in the bottle was formulated by Tsi-La.

Annie Morton is a classically trained aromatherapist, green formulator, and organic advocate. She co-founded TsiLa Organics with the goal of offering pure and natural perfumes and skin products that benefit your general well-being.
With over 20 years of expertise in the beauty and fashion industry, as well as extensive studies in natural health sciences and aromatherapy, Annie’s “Green Luxury” TsiLa product is a smart alternative to a predominately artificial market. For more info about Tsi-La’s line of organic perfumes and products, visit Tsi-La Organics. Read about Tsi-La’s latest organic certification!

Written by Annie Morton

January 9th, 2012 at 2:11 pm