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How to get rid of a messy laundry room

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Most laundry rooms are not very big and we have so much “stuff” these days.  We all love to save money, so we usually buy the extra-large size of laundry detergent because we can save $$ that way.  Sometimes those larger laundry bottles are more of a pain than anything else.  Why not use a couple 2-litter plastic bottles (that have been cleaned thoroughly) and a funnel and transfer the detergent to smaller containers.  They will store easier, save room, and you can handle them easier.

Many dishwashing detergents now have those plastic caps that you can remove and use for many other things.  Placing one on a bottle filled with laundry detergent will give you an instant spot-removing treatment for some of those tough stains.

You can make your own presoak solution for stains.  Just dilute some laundry detergent and water and keep in a spray bottle.  Apply as a presoak with just a couple squirts.

For powdered laundry detergents – transfer them to a one-gallon plastic ice cream tub.  This is good especially if you have a damp laundry area – it will keep your detergent from clumping.

Have you got an article of clothing or two that can be hand washed and must be hung to dry?  And drip all over the place as well.  Purchase an additional shower curtain rod – the type with the spring ends and do not need to be fastened to the walls permanently.  Hand over your bathtub and let your laundered items drip into the tub.

Got old pillow cases?  Cut 2 small holes in the hem and thread a long shoe/sneaker lace through the hemmed end of the pillow case.  This will allow you to tie your new homemade laundry bag.  Place delicates in it, stockings, etc. (use a couple if you need to) and toss right into the washer.

Need a good-quality laundry scoop for your powdered laundry detergent?  Grab a handled mug – plastic is fine – or an old mug with a chip in it.

Save money and stop buying those expensive dryer sheets.  Make your own.  Pour about a teaspoon (now isn’t this a REAL moneysaver!!) on a clean rag and toss in the washer.

Make your laundry smell better after removing from the washing machine.  Add a half-cup of white vinegar o the rinse cycle.

Do you “lose” socks in the dryer?  Gotta love static cling!  A few minutes before removing your laundry from the dryer, open the dryer door and toss a damp cloth in.  That bit of extra moisture will cut down on the static electricity.

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June 17th, 2009 at 12:37 pm